Safety Solutions For Unsafe Phone Chargers

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Offices all over the country have employees plug in their personal electrical items. This act of them puts the safety of the entire office at risk. Many employees do not think twice before plugging in their mobile chargers. Not only this but many have been seen lighting e-cigarettes at their desk, while some even bringing in their own fans & heaters during summer and winter.  

Most often, it has been seen that managers stay aloof in these situations; either because they are unaware or they feel kind of relieved for not having to provide the employees with the amenities. While this scenario is most expectedly saving the companies’ expenses, it is also putting them at potential risk and probability of future expenses costing a fortune. 

Reports from a survey conducted in UK show that most people happen to have brought phone chargers to work. Scoring 68.4% votes, over three times more than the second popular answer, mobile phone chargers are the most common electrical accessory that employees prefer to plug in at workplace. 

Point of worry boils down to the particularly cheap unbranded replicas of costly chargers. These kind of chargers are notorious for causing short-circuits consequently setting a electrical fire. The fact that these fake chargers are so abundantly available online makes it tough to distinguish them from the original ones. 

How to Charge Safely?

Checking every employee’s charger for quality is not a feasible option for larger companies. Rather setting up wireless charging ports on desktops or in a communal area in the the office is a much more practical proposition. This complete eliminates the risk of electrical fires. 

What is PAT?

Portable appliance testing(PAT) is a an initiative by the Government of health and safety in which it is stipulated that every portable electrical appliance used in an office must undergo a test to check of any risk. 

Managing Cables in an Effective Way

Most of the times it is seen that cables lie cluttered on the floor posing a great deal of risk. If cables   are managed by using solutions such as stainless steel grommets,  accidents like tripping over cables would stop. This would also cease the risk of accidental breakage of cables causing short-circuit, which can subsequently lead to a fire.

There are other cable management solutions available for solving the tangling of cables & ensuring their safety and longer life. If your office or commercial outlet is facing the same security threats then you should opt for the finest cable grommet solutions provided by some renowned companies in UK.

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