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One thing I want to note regarding the grind is that initial three developers who started the RuneScape gold game didn't have the plans laid out on how pacing and content would work. They placed an utterly arbitrary quantity "99" to represent the maximum ability level for each skill, with the idea of the level being so high there was no way anyone could reach this in any appreciable timeframe, and also for reasons such as being utterly empty of content, and thus practically useless.

In their amazement, people did not just acquire some abilities up to 99, but many also started to go off on trying to reach the exp limit (because it takes experience to advance and any experience beyond the level 99 mark was completely worthless at the time). But the thing is, every skill was different in regards to their hours of exp. The skill's "99" max level placeholder "not being attainable" was actually used for the skill Prayer (this capability never was able to be reached at the 99 level until before it was introduced in the Runescape 2 version of the game was released). Other skills, like Cooking, were much simpler to acquire to level 99.

This idea led to the very first prototypical venerations of players (basically being one of those things players saw as a driving aim of the game and something everyone aspired to attain as it often resulted in respect and admiration when other players were aware of your skills). Many players playing today consider this kind of admiration as a bit stupid because the vast majority of players today believe that you're a "fucking nerd". The time investment makes all other MMOs look like something out of a comical book.

The idea of alts and things of that nature (while they are, in the first place, against the rules) were not something that people considered as the primary account was so hard to "max out" (as I mentioned nobody was able to do that at the time of the first version of the game). There were alt accounts, but they were more on the lines of offshoots that were curious accounts. They referred to themselves as "skills" and tried to maintain the basic Overall Combat Level which was 3. (this is the level that the game starts you off on, and the maximal combat level was 123) But they tried to maintain this level 3 while keeping their non-combat skill as high as possible.

What would appear to be the appearance of a novice player from a superficial value, would actually be an extremely dedicated player who tried their best to avoid fighting, while also enhancing skills that took a lot of effort at a general level. This was considered amazing and continues to be up to this day with Buy OSRS gold. I could imagine (I have resigned a few years ago but this was more impressive back in the past, as If you happened to run into the monster who harmed you, you had to endure 3 rounds of back and forth attacks against the enemy and if you killed it, you had to earn exp, which would force an increase in exp, and you also got exp for dying, which was very common for players at the base level 3).

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