Rugs Can Get Dirty: How to Clean Your Rugs in 5 Easy Steps with End of Lease Cleaning Sydney

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Rugs are one of the most common ways to add personality to your home. From a cozy, traditional rug in your living room to a vibrant patterned rug in your dining room, rugs are a great way to make any room feel more welcoming and cozy. However, with all their beauty and charm, it’s easy for them to get dirty! If you don’t clean them properly or regularly enough, rugs can quickly become riddled with stains and lose their vibrancy over time. In order to keep your precious area rugs looking beautiful for years (or even decades!) after installation end of lease cleaning Sydney:

end of lease cleaning Sydney

1. Vacuum your area rugs regularly

It’s important to vacuum your rugs at least once a week. The right attachment and setting will depend on the rug, but you should always strive to use the most appropriate settings for your rug. Some rugs can be damaged by using the wrong setting or attachment, so always consult with a professional before starting any cleaning process.

As far as vacuuming goes, it’s best to vacuum in a pattern that makes sense for your area rug. For instance, if you have an octagonal area rug with sides that are about four feet long and an octagonal pattern in the middle of it, then it would probably make sense for you to vacuum from one side of this eight-foot rug towards another side.

If we consider this same eight foot by eight foot pattern but with straight edges instead of curved ones (like above), then maybe it would make more sense for us to vacuum our area rugs from all corners toward each other like so:

3. Do a surface cleaning

Once you’ve done a deep clean, it’s time to do a surface cleaning. This will remove any dirt from the top of your rug and keep it looking fresh. To do this with end of lease cleaning Sydney, use:

  • A damp cloth — If there are just a few stains on your rug, try dabbing them with a damp cloth first. Be sure not to use anything too wet or too dry as this could damage your carpet fibers if they are not completely dry when you vacuum them away.
  • A vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment — Vacuums can be used to pick up dirt that has been ground into the surface of carpets over time but they can also cause damage if used incorrectly! If you have pets in the house, make sure their fur doesn’t get caught in any brushes as this can pull out strands of wool from rugs made from natural materials such as wool or silk

4. Deep clean your rug — get it wet!

After you’ve vacuumed your rug, you can move on to the deep-clean. Make sure you have a cleaning solution made specifically for rugs and a soft brush or sponge. Dip the brush or sponge in the cleaning solution and scrub it over all parts of the rug, including its edges. Rinse off all residue with clean water and let it dry in a well-ventilated area.

5. Dry your rug fully

It’s important to dry your rug fully, especially if you have a wool or silk rug. Never leave your rug wet as this can cause mould, mildew and bacteria build-up which will eventually damage the fibres of your rug.

To dry your rug quickly and thoroughly use a hair dryer in short bursts aiming it at each corner of the carpet for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. This should be enough time for all moisture to be removed from every fibre of the carpet.

If you have an older wool or silk rug, don’t use a hairdryer on these as it may melt or burn them!

Regular maintenance of your valuable rugs keeps them looking great and protects your home’s interior.

Regular maintenance of your valuable rugs keeps them looking great and protects your home’s interior with end of lease cleaning Sydney.

  • Rug cleaning can be expensive, but it’s worth the cost if you want to keep a high-quality rug in great condition. The initial investment will pay off over time when you don’t have to replace your rugs as often or get rid of them entirely because they got so dirty that they became unusable.
  • Neglecting regular rug cleaning can lead to excessive wear, damage from spills and stains, fading from sunlight exposure, and even mold growth on the fabric backing of some types of rugs if they aren’t properly maintained. If a spill occurs on one side or corner of the rug only (like if someone drinks coffee at their desk), it may not matter too much what happens with that part of the carpeting because nobody will see it anyway…but if there are stains anywhere else on a rug surface then those spots will show more easily than other parts would


We hope you found this article helpful! If you have any other questions about rug cleaning with end of lease cleaning Sydney, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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