Roofing materials that can keep your home cool

by Malini Somra Blogger

Weather plays an important role in deciding the roofing material of the building. The highly skilled roofers always recommend the home-owners to choose the roofing material according to the geographical location. Some countries are extremely cold and some face the bright sunny weather mostly throughout the year while other has defined seasons. Choosing roofing materials according to the weather can have plenty of benefits. The roofing material can tolerate the wear and tear of the weather; it will maintain a lively temperature in the house moreover choosing the right material can save your energy bills as well.  

Here is the list of roofing materials that are best suited for the buildings in the countries which faces warm weather throughout the year.

  1. Radiant barriers or Overlays

It is a sub-roof system made up of aluminum metal to reflect heat. They are generally installed in the attic of the building or the spaces between the home’s interior and the roof. It acts as a barrier between the sun and the building and thus keeping the heat up and out of the home.

  1. Terra Cotta and Clay

The words terra-cotta literally translates to “cooked earth”. The terracotta roofing material is quite popular in most of the warm countries. The terracotta tiles are made by a baking process, the clay is baked at a really high temperature and the baking provides the tiles their weather resistant properties. They are curved shape tiles and therefore, allow air to circulate below the surface, which keeps roofs and interiors cooler.

  1. EPDM Coating

The elastomeric coating is made up of polymeric products such as acrylic and is combined with white pigments like titanium dioxide. The material is highly flexible and has easy contracting and stretching property. It is highly durable for cold as well as hot weather. Moreover, the EPDM is tested to resist UV rays without cracking and breakdown. The material is inexpensive and is particularly effective at heat reduction. Moreover, it is waterproof.

  1. Slate Tile

It is light colored and earth-toned slate that reduces the heat that is absorbed by the building. It has natural reflective properties, therefore, providing a cool atmosphere to the interior of the building and also saving energy bills.

  1. Green roofs

Green roofs are the roofs which literally consist of plant life suspended over a waterproof membrane. They have the benefit of both reducing heat loss and heat absorption. They are suitable for hot and cold climates. Moreover, the green roof gives an aesthetic natural look to the building keeping it eco-friendly.

  1. Cool Color Concrete

Concretes are really good material for cooling the roof as they are heavy and takes a long time to heat. Giving light colors to the concrete can further help in increasing its energy efficiency property by reflecting more sunlight in comparison to dark colored. They are long lasting material and also enhance the curb appeal of the building.

Choosing the right material and getting it installed properly can save you thousands of dollars. Hire skilled roofing contractors Trenton Michigan to install your roof properly and with the right skills and equipment.

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