Romantic Story - Part 2 - The Woman with the Lanyard

by Peter Barnes ID Expert

Beautiful women standing on train platform

Upon first glance, she literally took my break away. I slowly heightened my gaze; turning the view from her silky-smooth legs upwards. It took only a moment to fully appreciate all of her beauty, from head to toe, but it felt like time had escaped me. It was as if I had completely forgotten where I was because in that moment as my gaze finally went to her face, it was her eyes that completely took hold over me.


I can only describe the colour as the most mesmerizing shade of sea blue you could ever try to imagine. They were a clear and crisp blue almost teal in colour but not cold at all; her eyes were so unique and commanding to look at yet so inviting and somewhat mysterious. For a good few seconds I couldn't help but try to hide my obvious staring at her eyes. I was so careful for her to not catch me leering at her uncomfortably but something about her just had this strong hold over me. 


I got so lost in her eyes that the sudden realisation that there was in fact a train carriage full with other people snapped my back into reality. I suddenly felt quite sick, I'm a grown man and all of a sudden, I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach. It was as if I were a child back at school talking to a girl, I had a crush on, for the first time.


I felt myself slipping in and out of concentration and awareness when I looked over at the women in front of me, she had not yet noticed me or even looked in my direction. This made me feel quite subconscious and silly; there was this beautiful woman sitting only a few meters in front of me that I couldn't stop looking at, but she hadn't even glazed over at me once. I thought that maybe there was something wrong with me, after all I was now getting the sense that she was doing everything she could to avoid looking over towards me.


She started fumbling with her bag, opening it up, retrieving an item and then fiddling with it for a few seconds to then only end up putting back in her bag. This happened so many times in only a few minutes that I had lost count. Once she had picked up, itemised and re-organised her entire bag, without looking up at me once I might add, she then reached her arms behind her neck and pulled off her lanyard. The lanyard had been around her neck the entire time and I hadn't even noticed until she went to reach for it to take it off. I was so preoccupied with her beauty, mainly her eyes, that I hadn’t even noticed the bright red statement lanyard around her neck.


The second I noticed the lanyard she had already begun to remove it so if I wanted to find out what her name was I better try and get a look quickly just in case I don't see her again, I would at least know her name. It happened so fast, but I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse before she pocketed it. I could see that she worked in an office block not too far from my own, I recognized the company on the lanyard, she worked in a local radio stations’ headquarters only two buildings over from the bank I worked in. Upon a closer look, I could faintly make out the small typed up name on the lanyard as Miss A Woodsen. For a moment I gathered all the possible names in my mind that began with A, was you an Abbie or maybe Alicia?


Then, everything was happening too quickly; one minute I'm watching this beautiful woman fumble around with her lanyard and the next thing I know she's getting up to her feet. A sudden nervous thought was followed by a turn in my stomach- but what if I never see her again?


She stood up, getting ready to leave the train for her stop, she hadn’t a moment to spare as the doors began to open as she got to her feet. I watched her get up and walk towards the door, still worried that this beautiful woman- who never even noticed me- was soon going to be just a memory.


To say I felt a bit disappointed was an understatement, I watched her step off the train, she glowed in the natural light, her hair slightly blowing in the wind. I looked back at the now empty seat and only just noticed; oh no her lanyard. I better get off the train and hand it to her!

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