Role of Gardener to Provide Life to Plants

by Baltazar Bolado An American Patriot
A gardener undergoes through several kinds of emotion to provide life to plants and maintain it.
Plants, flowers and other greenery resembles emotions, ideas, and actions. Each plant has its own words to describe and encompass yourself with plants that resemble things you wish your value can build a positive environment. Understanding plant symbolism can guide you with values that are more meaningful and personalized. 
Freed of all earthly importance, yet lacking infinite substance, the Gardener fondles the soil at the core of His emotional ascendency. All existence pauses at this moment.
Walking in the garden in the cool of the day, the Gardener likes to select only the best soil to grow the seed of life.  Similarly, the seed is grown through sincere hard work.
At a moment of the day, Gardener walks in, the plant feels the peace that exceeds all understanding. The plant is delighted with extraordinary goodwill, it hopes to get the touch of the gardener.  Plants may be imperfect, but the cleaning and shaping away the unwanted part leads me to higher consciousness.
After many days of hard work of trimming the damaged and ruined branches, and removing the insolvent soil, the plant is shaped. The gardener also cut down the dead trees are put them in the fire to clean the forest.
The dimension of every tree in the garden is calculated to the perfection of the Tree of Life.  Any tree that does not grow up to the standard of the Tree of Life is hampered at the root and its remains are destroyed away, never to be remembered.
It is not inhumanity that excels the Gardener to such a solution which may seem like bad ambition, but he just proceeds toward perfection.  Just like as the surgeon eliminating a cancerous tumor away from a healthy body.  For if the Gardener is neglecting his responsibility, then the tree will be affected with the disease.  Slowly the tree will become sickly and ultimately die.  Moreover, the illness of one tree will spread to affect the entire garden.
Similarly, it is in the soil where life generates.  When the Gardener works without the invading weeds, it is not ill-feeling that moves Him.  Love provides him energy.  The Gardener’s love for His trees boosts Him to tear out the weeds that risk to murder and hamper His precious plantings.
The Gardener maintains and gives plant life. The Garden of Gardener is Love. His journey does not end in Eden, Shangri-La, or Heaven.  These destinations are significant but without the Gardener to bring life, their glory will have no explanation. Without the right skill of the Gardener, there is no faith for eternity, no opportunity for Life to bear beyond the threshold of death. Through the Gardener’s right work and labor, a fountain of gardens will be harvested, and from out of the fullness and fertility within his pure orchards, a well of living waters will bring out.
Life must sustain. In the end, it all that works. In the center of the excellent creation of life, the Tree of Life will survive forever.

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