Rockville Chiropractor: What is Raynauds Syndrome and How Chiropractic Care Helps

by Sandra Good Active Family Chiropractic

Society may consider slowing down as a positive thing in any task since doing things faster lacks perfection. But some systems are efficient and healthy only when they are kept at an optimal and steady speed. For instance, suppose you own work at a fast-paced restaurant. So, as the owner, you would really hate if your dishwasher takes the “slow things down” approach at the prime time of the restaurant. This often happens with some people when they slow down things due to certain changes in their circulatory system. This health situation is known as the Raynaud’s syndrome and it is commonly cured by Rockville chiropractor

Raynaud’s Syndrome

The widely known blood vessel disorder, Raynaud’s syndrome is also known as Raynaud’s disease. Blood vessels play a vital role in carrying blood throughout your body since blood delivers essential nutrients and oxygen to our structures and tissues all over. 

Blood circulation is the flow of blood in your body and Raynaud’s syndrome affects the flow by narrowing down the smaller vessels carrying blood to skin extremities. This process of slow blood circulation is known as vasospasm. Since the problem affects very small vessels and slows down the circulation to skin extremities, the most commonly affected parts through this condition include toes, fingers, lips, ears, and nose. These areas, when affected, become cold due to lack of blood and may change colors like blue/purple or white (colour of meat without blood) and eventually becomes numb. These symptoms only go if the blood vessels expand again through Rockville Chiropractor MD and as the vessels dilate, circulation quickly returns to normal and affected areas start feeling prickly. 

Raynaud’s syndrome can be of two types, primary and secondary. Primary Raynaud’s syndrome is quite common, less severe, and its causes are still unknown. The secondary Raynaud’s syndrome exists because of another disease that causes Raynaud’s syndrome. The secondary Raynaud’s syndrome can be caused due to certain medical conditions such as cryoglobulinemia (a blood disorder), rheumatoid arthritis, and scleroderma. 

Risk Factors Involved

Usually, Raynaud's disorder influences both males and females. However, in many years of experience as Rockville Chiropractor and also as per available stats, 80 per cent of all cases include ladies. It commonly happens before the age of 30. It has been found that most of this is a type of family history. It is more as often as possible happening in cool atmospheres than warm, and stress is a compounding factor.

Secondary Raynaud's disorder normally happens after the age of 30. Those with wounds to hands and feet are progressively prone to it just as the individuals who take part in redundant exercises or activities. Those with exposure to work environment synthetic concoctions and the individuals who smoke are progressively prone to this sort of Raynaud's, just as those living in a chilly atmosphere and expanded pressure.


Raynaud's disorder has zero treatment options. It is enthusiastically prescribed that those experiencing the disorder partake in exercises and way of life changes that advance optimal circulatory framework health. This incorporates optimal nervous framework correspondence so all frameworks, including the circulatory framework, can work at its best.

Why Consider Chiropractic

This is one of the widely known physical treatments that help people to conquer problems such as back pain and other body aches. Half of the chiropractic practices are directly channelled to blood flow which may help people in a fully functional blood circulation system. 

Rockville Chiropractic care helps optimal nervous system communication. Lifestyle habits that contribute to the optimal circulatory health incorporate appropriate hydration (drinking, at any rate, a large portion of your body weight in ounces of water every day), a cardio practice is done in any event three to multiple times week by week, not smoking and eating a spotless eating regimen. Ensuring oneself against cold with appropriate apparatus of caps, gloves, scarves and layers is additionally useful, as is diminishing worry however much as could be expected to maintain a strategic distance from any known triggers.

Keeping up the pace and stream in life is vital. Some problematic situations may not affect our lives that much but do leave effects over our health that may remain for the long term. It doesn't have to wear at you as much you would let it, however. On the off chance that a portion of this sounds valid for you or somebody you love, stop in to see the specialists at Rockville Chiropractor MD expert and let them assist you with helping yourself and your health.

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