Robust Industrial Pumps and Retrofit Spare Parts

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Roto Pumps produces and supplies one of the best quality industrial pumps and retrofit spare parts in the market. They provide interchangeable rotors, stators, shafts, coupling rods and universal joint kits. Among several high-quality pumps provided by Roto, Wastewater Pumps and External Gear Pumps are known to be highly efficient and durable.

Roto Pumps is one of the leading Wastewater Pumps manufacturers. As their name suggests, Wastewater or Sewage Pumps are used to handle the transportation of dirty and contaminated fluids such as waste water, sewage and sludge. These kinds of applications are required in several projects such as to transfer industrial waste water, to treat the waste water to be reused, to treat the waste in sewers, to handle municipal water, to control and manage excess water due to floods and dewatering. The body and machinery of these pumps are made of robust material as the fluids usually handled by these kinds of pumps is highly corrosive and aggressive. The electric motor helps to run the pump. The pump is also equipped with a chopper impeller that rotates and lifts the materials inside the pump. This impeller is fitted with sharp blades that keep on chopping down the solid waste among the sewage to avoid blockage and assure the perfect functioning of the pumps. The impeller is fixed inside a casing whose surface is lined with tough material to prevent any damage to the body of the pump.

An External Gear Pump is a Positive Displacement Pump that operates with the help of two gears, hence its name. Both the gears are fixed inside a casing with interlocked teeth. A motor is used in these kinds of pumps as well to run the pump. The energy provided by the motor helps to move one of the gears. The movement of this gear compels the other gear to move in the opposite direction. This movement helps to lift the liquid inside the pump and makes it moves axially before discharging it from the other end of the pump.


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