Robotic Txt for Enhancing the Performance of Web Pages

by SONIKA DHALIWAL Professional

Robotic txt or bots could be sounding all technical but these are the old bots that were introduced along with the inception of computers and the internet. Bots, basically termed as spiders perform simple tasks in a very orderly, strategic, and precise way. This means the whole process will be organized. Processes like data collection, analytics require unbeaten performance with accuracy and efficacy. This is where bots tune in and make a difference. Once these programs are written and activated, these bots crawl throughout the sites and collect data and pronounce analytics to enhance the performance of the same

How Do These Bots Perform?

Firstly, there should be a well-built collection of URLs saved and stored. This list of URLs will be fed for these bots and they would crawl on them. Also, there is an added advantage. Once a bot crawls on a particular site, they save the hyperlink from the page for further purpose. Now, these bots crawl over these sites repeatedly in order to access all the updates like killed pages, dead links, dangerous backlinks, and other specific changes. Thus, robots txt will enhance and update the performance and analytics of the content.

Key Benefits Of A Bot Application

1.       Duplicated content should be kept at bay. In order to achieve this, simple rules could be added to the bots, which will prevent the bots from crawling and collecting data from the duplicated content. Also, it is highly crucial to ensure that none of the content is completely blocked off. This would prevent and prohibit crawling. However, certain pages will have no value or pages, which hold irrelevant information that, could be blocked in order to prevent endless crawling.

2.       Locating a sitemap is crucial. Sitemaps enable specific exact locations that would allow specific crawling and allow accurately and precise lengths.

3.       If you are looking to actively lock in personal details or contents that are not meant for the public forum, instead of blocking the entire content the smart thing to do is specifically set up a locked page. This lock page will be unlocked only with a password and username. This authentication will allow security. This way, the content for public administration will only be available.

There are certain contents that are indispensable. However, there is a certain way to deal with them.

1.       The first and the easiest way to spurn up content is by rewriting it. It is pretty straight forward. This can be done by changing up the text without spoiling the authentic meaning of it. For example, copy-pasting or creating an imitation is the best way to do it.

2.       Redirecting the page is a popular method to encounter the issue. If the client land on duplicate content, adding a 301 redirect will be the easiest option to turn the clients to the original content.

How to Block a bot:

How useful bots are, sometimes it might feel, like it is better to turn them off. This is simple and straight forward with bots. In the programming, adding a block will do the job. Thus, bots are simple programs that enable and boost the performance of content while keeping track of details and updates.

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