Robotic Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery: An Overview

by Lena Rivera Healthcare consultant
Healthcare experts and medical researchers across the globe are staunchly advocating the use of Robotics owing to the excellent advantages. The usage of this very progressive surgical methodology has gained worldwide acceptance as more and more medical specialities have adopted it over the years. 

Cardiology – Coronary Artery Bypass, Mitral Valve Repair
Nephrology –Kidney Transplant
Gynaecology – Hysterectomy, Tubal Ligation, Myomectomy
Pulmonology – Lung Resection
Urology – Radical Prostatectomy
Gastroenterology – Cholecystectomy, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

The field of Orthopaedics especially has adopted this approach. Partial Knee and Hip Replacements, Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty and other different Orthopaedic surgeries have shown very positive results, when performed using Robotics-assisted technology. This is more specifically in the matter of implant positioning that can be very fluently using this approach. Joint surgeries need to be very meticulous handled as the movement capability of the patients depends on the outcome. Robotic-assisted approach’s primary focus is to enhance the same. 

Salient Features Of Robotic Joint Replacement

The emergence of Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery has provided some very welcome benefits to not only the surgeons, but the patients too, are very happy and satisfied. The salient features of this approach include:
Being a minimally invasive approach, there is lowered discomfort for the patients 
Immediate relief from the joint pain
Very less post-surgery pain 
It has taken surgical precision to an altogether different level
As compared to the traditional joint surgeries, the size of incisions required in this is very small
Less amount of blood loss 
Less scarring with which the patients get cosmetic benefits too
Hardly any chance of errors, which otherwise may occur due to human hand tremors 
Rapid recovery and this way the patients are back to their routines very early
Helps in accessing the corner-most areas of the joint

Robotic Joint Replacement

How Robotic-Assisted Surgery Works?

In this, the surgeon operates with the help of a special console that doesn’t necessarily have to be placed close to the operating table. There are many guided robotic arms that hold highly specialized and surgical instruments, which are passed via keyhole-sized cuts. A tiny video camera is inserted via another incision, which provides the surgeon magnified 3-D images of the surgical site. These robotic arms can rotate 360-degrees and aid the movement of the instruments with maximum accuracy and flexibility than in other minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures.

The Robotic arms are never moving or performing any part of the surgeries on their own so there is no chance of any errors. The clinical team comprise of various experts, who share their respective specializations and make it a success. 

Is Robotic Surgery Really Better?

The Robotic surgical approach is unquestionably one of the topmost, when talking about the list of innovative surgeries. It offers a huge bunch of advantages and enhance the surgical capabilities of a surgeon to a major extent. With the help of Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery approach, the surgeons are able to reach the most intricate and difficult corners of the particular joint that is affected. 

Additionally, when availed in a country like India, even the cost of Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery can be very reasonable. The presence of the group called Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India is making availing this surgery in India a very lucrative and fulfilling experience for countless medical value travellers.

Potential For Faster Recovery

In today’s fast moving world, any person who falls sick wants to recover as fast as possible so that he or she can get back to his or her regimen at the earliest. Same applies for a surgery as well. Joint problems are not just restricted to the older generation; even the younger generation is falling prey to different types of joint issues. For such candidates, Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery is an extremely promising option. This approach has very high potential to offer rapid recovery, which has benefited enumerable patient all over the globe.

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