Road Safety Concerns and Run-flat Tyres

by Lucy J. SEO Analyst

Generally, a common car driver desires safety on the road as a prime concern. Therefore, they look for advanced technologies that may help to provide them with a safe driving experience. At the same time, carmakers have introduced a lot of new technologies like seatbelts, ABS, airbags, and driving assistance systems.

Apart from other vital components of your vehicles, your tyres are also being smart with constantly changing technology. This blog is about the new run-flat technology that is extra-smart to let you drive your car even when one of your four tyres is flat.

In fact, run-flat tyres are made to resist the bad effects of punctured tyres. This technology allows the driver to drive his vehicle at a reduced speed. Normally, general tyre safety rules say that you should not drive your car on flat tyres. Thus, most of the drivers will prefer to stop their vehicle if they have to run on flat tyres. Conditions are worse if the vehicle is loaded with weight or it has multiple passengers.

Basics of Run-flat Technology

Air pressure in the tyre keeps its shape stable and makes it able to carry the weight of vehicles. While one of your tyres is punctured, it loses the pressure of air at a speedy rate and the driver has to stop his car immediately.

Your run-flat tyres are not different from your traditional tyres. They also have air but they do lose air easy like conventional tyres.

There are three following types of run-flat tyres:

Self Supporting Run-flat Tyres:

These tyres are available with stronger sidewalls to bear the weight of the vehicle when the air pressure is reduced due to a puncture. These sidewalls are made up of rubber material along with a cord that is heat-resistant.

Self-sealing run-flat tyres:

These tyres come with an extra lining that automatically seals the hole while a puncture takes place in the tyre due to a sharp object. This self-sealing feature of the tyre lets the driver drive his car to reach a safe distance.


This system is available in the market with a supportive ring that is usually attached to the wheel. The aim of installing this rim is to support the weight of the car when the air pressure is reduced in the tyre.

Great Benefits of Run-flat Tyres

The design and functions of run-flat tyres seem obviously advantageous for car drivers. Actually, it is a dangerous situation when a driver has to drive his car on a flat tyre. Sometimes, it is not possible to stop the car immediately due to risky road conditions.

Run flat tyres by Michelin Tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne work as a boon in these situations. With the help of run-flat technology, the driver does not need to stop his car unnecessarily in the middle of the road. He is free to drive his car slowly to reach a safe destination. It means run-flat tyres are essential for a safe driver when you need to be safe from robbers, accidents, and blowouts.

Driving with run-flat tyres is safe for both men and women if the driver is alone and they have to cover long distances on quiet highways. Moreover, you get extra space in your car because you do not need to have a spare tyre along with a toolbox in your vehicle. If you are looking for run-flat Car Tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne, you have to think about the compatibility of your car and tyres. However, new models of cars are surely available with already installed run-flat tyres.

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