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What is responsive web design? 
So for your knowledge - Responsive web design is an approach whereby a designer creates a web page that responds to or resizes itself depending on the size of the device. 
Simply, it means that it resizes itself according to the type of design it is being seen through. And that could be an oversized desktop, a laptop or devices with small screens such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

Responsive web design is a must for anyone who wants to rule the digital world. With the growth in data usage on phones, tablets and other small-screen devices many people don’t like using big screens to view web pages. 
With responsive web design, assets can be easily accessible across all devices. 

What is Responsive Web Design? 
The only purpose of responsive web design is to have only one business site but with different elements that respond differently when viewed on different sizes. 

Let's take an example of a traditional “fixed” website - When viewed on a bigger screen, for instance, the website shows four columns. But when you look at the same website on the smaller screen (i.e mobile phone), it might force you to scroll horizontally or vertically, which no one likes. It can also be possible that some elements might be hidden from view or look distorted.

With responsive web design, the content is readable and easy to navigate. A responsive website is always better than a fixed website as it automatically adjusts display layout in columns. Also, the content is readable and easy to navigate with responsive web design. 
With responsive web development services, the website automatically adjusts its pages based on the devices the viewer sees in it. 

How does responsive web design work? 
Responsive web design uses fluid grids. Each and every element of the website are sized by portion, rather than pixels. So if you’re planning to have a site of 5 columns, you have to ensure that your site looks good on all types of screen.

Why do businesses need to switch to responsive websites?
When you check analytics, you’ll realise that most of the users getting to the site are using mobile-only. Just go to your google analytics, on the left side, select “Audience”, the “mobile” to see what proportion of traffic is coming from mobile devices. 

Responsive web design is essential for all businesses. If you have a WordPress website and you want it to turn into responsive web design, check out the best web design and development services India, and stand out of the crowd on the Internet. 

Benefits of Responsive Web Design 
The concept of responsive web design has existed for decades. In the mid-2000s when people started using mobile phones, developers began to recognise the importance of responsive web design. 
After the realisation that their website must look good on desktops, smartphones and tablets, they quickly discovered the needs for flexible/responsive web design. 
Therefore they worked on websites that respond to users' devices. 

This field continues to evolve when more users access the web with mobile than with traditional laptops or desktops. 

To reach a wider audience of targeted customers, businesses must embrace the benefits of responsive web design.  

Top Benefits of Responsive Web Design 

  1. Drive More Mobile Users to Your Website
    Mobile users outnumber tablet users for the first time in 2016 and since then there is no looking back, handheld devices continue to rule the world of internet with their growing market presence.
    With responsive web design’ ability to adjust their content according to different sizes of screen and viewports, they provide you with the best opportunity to reach a large number of the potential audience.
    This will simply help the business to make their presence among the consumers, driving more traffic to the site, leading to increased brand recognition and sales.

  2. Increase Conversion Rate of Your Website
    Responsive design allows you to serve your customers with content that is consistent across platforms. Be it mobile phones, desktops, laptops, or tablets, the look and the feel of the site remains the same.
    As the customer gets to see the same content, visuals, and elements rather than the device or browser-specific content, on any device he accesses, he does not need to figure out the location of a certain element on a certain device.
    This consistency of content across different platforms and devices enhances the “User Experience” of your website, helping in reaching out to and attracting new and targeted customers.
    It directly leads to an increased conversion rate and provides you with an edge over your competitors with low User Experience. 

  3. Save Development Cost
    Hosting multiple URLs and building multiple codebases require huge chunks of money. Where adopting a responsive web design saves a significant part of your total business investment.
    Responsive websites work has a single codebase with the optimised styling sheets that adjust themselves according to different sizes of devices, specifications and resolutions, thus saving the development cost of your business. 

  4. Business Boosted by Google
    Google is built to provide users with an easy and clutter-free platform to surf the web. It explores and analyses consumer behaviour and accordingly changes its search and SEO ranking algorithms.

    Do you know mobile phones account for more than fifty per cent of the total web traffic generated worldwide?Yes, you heard it right!

    Seeing this new change in users towards mobile, Google changed its algorithms and prefers user-friendliness over all other factors.
    It only recommends responsive web designs that automatically adjust themselves according to the users’ viewing environment, whether laptop, desktop, tablets or mobile phones, so as to provide the users with a seamless user experience that is consistent over all platforms.
    A responsive website not only places your business in good books of “Google” but also provides you with several opportunities to connect with your targeted audience better.

  5. Generate Quality Backlinks
    The next important thing that helps a business with online presence go viral, is quality backlinks.
    The more backlinks we have pointing back to our site, the more popular it will get and provide benefit to our business.
    Responsive websites with their mobile responsiveness, low bounce rate, effective social media networking, reduced response time, increase credibility and authority among your peers helping you to generate backlinks that actually work.

  6. More Revenue Stream for Business
    Responsive websites have that flexibility to adjust and adapt to any viewing environment, increase your conversion rate.
    The more responsive your site becomes, more will be the chances to stand out from the competition, leading to the generation of more revenue for your business.
    It allows you to leverage social media benefits, with their dominating presence among the desktop and mobile social spaces.


A website that completely transforms itself according to consumer needs, their interests and requirements, the content presented, queries asked, all by itself. No human intervention, fully automated. 

That’s where lies the future of web design - a virtual reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence-enabled web, which will analyse the accumulated data, which will further allow people to view product catalogues, have a realistic feel and experience products, according to their needs and interests.

While these technologies enabled web is still in its rudimentary phase, it won’t take much longer to the human mind to define the next milestone and raise the bars high.

Future is responsive, to be one among them, work with the best web development firm

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