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Relationship Rewrite MethodIf you are looking for a definitive way to save your relationship or just maintain it over the years, you will definitely want to know about the Relationship Rewrite Method written by James Bauer. Relationship Rewrite Method is a relationship program by relationship and dating expert James Bauer which is design to put you back in control of your relationship and get your man or ex to do everything in his power to win your love back again and make your relationship with him work. About the Creator of Relationship Rewrite Method. Relationship Rewrite Method will aid women in search of love and happiness not repeat past mistakes in their relationships and build new, long lasting romantic unions. It comes in handy and the right time to guide women on the right paths of loving relationships.Relationship Rewrite Method

Essentially, this program teaches you techniques that trigger a man’s desire for you. Yes, any man even if it’s an ex or someone who doesn’t even know you exist. It’s all about understanding how a man’s mind works and then speaking the right words that trigger their desire for you. This online dating program for women teaches you hidden loophole that can make or breaks any romantic relationship or potential relationship. Then, it provides you with all of the secret and simple dating techniques that instantly flood a man’s mind with desire. It’s all about saying the right words that get through the big tough emotional walls that most men have built up around themselves.Relationship Rewrite Method

With this system, as a woman you will be able to know what techniques you can use to correct any mistakes that are happening in your relationship and the things that you can do to make it right and working. In this guide you will discover the “magic ratio”, which is the number of positive to negative experiences that predicts how successful a relationship is going to be. This program aims to teach you how to face the very issues that led to the break up and turn it around positively making your man understand and appreciate you better whiles offering you the chance to be in tune to his core nature and inner being. Relationship Rewrite Method helps us reset the balance of the good and bad feelings about our past, so that we can be in a much more ready, positive, and attractive state of being. With the help of this, we can expunge all our unnecessary sentiments away and out of our mind. This helps make your new relationship better and re-ignite the deep love that you both share. It provides the vital training that mends the wounds of our hearts. There are a number of great things about the Relationship Rewrite Method, including the fact that it is easy to implement and is based on actual science. You will learn how to keep your man’s focus and attention so he never strays. It is an effective way to virtually guarantee a long and healthy relationship.Relationship Rewrite Method

Relationship Rewrite Method

Through this program, you will learn how to create a feeling of “wanting you” in his mind that makes him crave for you every time. He will literally beg you to spend time with you. If you are desperate enough to have your man back in your life then this is a program that can be of great help to you. You just download the content onto your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and get started. You also have the option to access the program online or download it in audio form, which allows for a fairly unique and personalized experience. It is a very legit system. It is not a scam since you are receiving a guarantee of money back in case the system does not work within 60 days. This program is ideal for the ladies who are desperate to get their love back. If you are longing to have him back in your life then this is the program that you should rely on. With the help of this program, you can get your love back in your life. Download James Bauer’s ebook right now and start saving your relationship today. I am sure that you will succeed.

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You are my first love.


   I loved writing and drawing in class in my first year of high school. After I made up my mind to study liberal arts, I just stopped looking up in physics and chemistry classes. Teacher Zhou Qi, the head teacher, was very dissatisfied. I was often called out by him when I was thinking about writing and writing, "Let's listen to classmate Another Wei answer this question." I blushed and got up, embarrassed beyond all levels.

  You are the best student in mathematics, physics and chemistry in the class, but this time, after you stood up for a long time, you did not say a word. Teacher Zhou was surprised and hurt, and asked three times "you can't do it?!"

   You helplessly say: "The language is not good, so I can do it but I can't speak it."

   The whole class roared with laughter. The joke of "You Wei is ugly" quickly became obsolete. Everyone laughed at you with relish and thoughtfulness. Like I didn't pay attention to you at first, I didn't pay attention to these.

Until sporadic things like "Have you noticed, who will only be unable to answer the question after another dimension!" Until you sit down in a funny laugh, until I am inexplicable and involuntary in the chaos Glancing at you.

   You actually turned your face slightly to look at me, and met my gaze. You smiled slightly from a distance, then turned your gaze back to the blackboard, and continued listening without leaving a trace.

   The classroom is filled with the taste of 16-year-old summer. You are such a kind person. I think.


   One come and two, gossip gradually arose in the class. I no longer see you no longer greet you or even detour when you see you, but you don't avoid suspicion. In those days, you let me know that there are many good things to say.

   When writing a story encounters a bottleneck, I am used to stuffing a milk candy into my mouth. The scent of milk can always make me relaxed and full of inspiration, but I usually only write in class, so this habit has never been noticed.

  I think so. You changed my opinion. I finished the toffee in class. I finally waited until the end of the get out of class. I was about to sprint downstairs and enter the commissary. You came over and stopped me. After putting a toffee in my hand, I walked to me again. At the table, put an opened bag of milk candy into my drawer.

   I stared at you with wide-eyed eyes. You didn't speak, but only smiled slightly, turned and walked away.

   I still remember it happened in the fourth chemistry class in the morning. About five minutes before school was over, I was still struggling to write, and suddenly a roll of transparent glue fell on my desk.

   I subconsciously look in your direction, you are copying notes, you are very absorbed. But I can clearly see that your ears are red. "I like you, okay to be my girlfriend?" Simply, directly, pierced my eyes with a devastating shock and hit my heart. get out of class has ended. I took two exercise books to do and got up and turned back. I wanted to get out of the back door and ran away. I was almost at the door but blocked by you. You blocked me in front of me and stared at me. One word: "Okay?"

   The classroom just after school is noisy, no one has left yet, your eyes are big and bright, I nodded gently under their tight gaze.

   I heard you sigh inwardly.


   As soon as May arrives, we once again ushered in a major seat adjustment.

   A pair of classes that were originally at the same table was separated by one or four groups. As soon as the seating plan was announced, the whole class shook their heads and sighed. Fortunately, both of them are mobile users, so they can send text messages to help them out. What's worse is that there was one time when the self-study class exchanged text messages and laughed at each other. The class teacher who quietly appeared outside the classroom window had a panoramic view. Both phones were taken off the Internet and the romance was exposed.

   The school has school rules, and both parents are notified when they are in love, and they are invited to have an interview with the head teacher. They were caught in the front and were the first to enforce school rules. The parents’ embarrassing interviews in the office immediately spread in the class. They were ordered to suspend classes and go home, each writing an 8,000-character "Why am I a high school student?" Understand that you can’t fall in love, sign the “Breakup Guarantee” and hand it over to the head teacher.

   I sit on pins and needles every day. My mother usually has the most reputation and face. If she is treated like this, she will never forgive me again. You don’t even care, and you can even laugh when you speak: "Don’t be sad, just see your parents earlier, good and good!" "I didn’t expect you to be such a shameless, shameless person." I stopped and stared at you. At a glance, he quickened his pace and walked away alone.

  I learned about these things later.

   You go to Zhou Laoban, please do not ask both parents, you are willing to accept any conditions for this. After all, you are the jewel in Zhou Laoban's palm, and she didn't have the heart to disappoint you.

   One person was able to ascend to heaven, and I escaped. I got all the good without knowing it, and there is only one thing to do-avoid you.

The breeze in the spring is warm, the sun is warm, more than 60 boys and girls are crackling and transporting more than 30 basketballs, sparsely clustered in a circle, chatting, laughing, bickering, and I am the only one, I see you walking towards me He suddenly stopped his smile, turned around and went to the scene. You leave the crowd and come to my stadium, I turn around and go to the next stadium, you come again, I retreat, retired to no stadium.

   I didn't even look at you. I picked up the ball and walked towards the teaching building. You ran to catch up with me, standing in front of me, talking but not knowing what to do.

   "Can you not follow me! The old class won't let me go the second time!"

   Before the words fell, I was about to go upstairs, and when I was about to turn around, you suddenly spoke.

   "Can we not break up..."

   The teaching building during class was quiet, solemn and strict. You spoke abruptly, and there was a slight tremor in your dry voice. I suddenly felt relieved.


  The reason for the breakup, I can't remember how trivial it was. In short, we were in a stalemate in some later awkwardness. You refused to compromise, and I refused to give in. The arts and sciences are not in the same building. The parents of the second and third grades of high school have always been keen to deliver meals. Coupled with avoiding each other and pretending not to see each other, we have never seen each other much.

In the last class of the first year of high school, the head teacher issued a receipt to each student, saying that students who are going to study liberal arts should fill in the receipt and send it back to the school before August. Those who do not send the receipt will be defaulted by the school It chose science.

  As soon as these words came out, 80% of the entire class began to scream and fold the paper sheets into airplanes and crumple them into paper balls. After school, the trash can was immediately filled with many liberal arts receipts. I carried my schoolbag and habitually came to you and said "Let's go". When I first turned to you, I saw you fold the receipt in half, fold it into a tofu block, and put it carefully in your pocket.

   Let's go to the cafeteria together. You bowed your head and thoughtful all the way. The atmosphere was too dull. When I passed the basketball court, I finally couldn't bear it.

   "What are you thinking?"

   I asked angrily, you were silent for a long time and finally spoke.

   "I want to study liberal arts."

   "Huh?" You said this, and I couldn't believe my ears.

   "I want to be in the same class with you," you continued, "You can't be in the same class, or the temporary class separated by a wall, there are few anti-text classes, and the probability is very high."

  "you're so dumb!"

  "I was serious!"

   In the early summer, the sun was like a fire, you stood in the brightest spot, stopped and looked at me solemnly, pausing every word. I was shocked, stunned. Your eyes and nose are red, and your voice is a little angry.


   In 2012, I was 21 years old and suddenly thought of you.

Standing on the same stadium, with the passing of time and a light cloud, I think of your 16-year-old face with hard hair, fair face, and often wet with sweat. I think of you because you learned that the teacher took out your liberal arts. Receiving the receipt, I was furious and extremely sad, thinking of your silly and swearing expression when you said to me "I want to study liberal arts".

   That is really the most touching confession in the world, but you no longer know where you are now!

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