Rejuvenating your Health with the Benefits of Drinking Water

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Just 50 per cent of the people living in DR Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo) have access to drinking water. Less than one-quarter of the population has access to basic sanitation facilities, meaning that most people have neither access to latrines nor the opportunity to wash their hands. This has resulted in making DR Congo as one of the world’s lowest three countries in terms of easy access to drinking water and sanitation. 

According to the Congolese Government’s national drinking water policy, the provincial regions are responsible for the water supply. The availability of hygienically safe and affordable drinking water and sanitation facilities for urban households in poor areas has improved.

·    Drinking water quality and hygienic safety have also improved thanks to the technical advisory services. 

·   The responsibilities in the provinces and regions have been reorganised based on the national drinking water policy. For this purpose, implementation regulations have been developed for the decentralisation of responsibility in the area of drinking water and sanitation facilities. 

·  An estimated 2.2 million people are benefiting from an overall improvement in the health situation resulting from improved drinking water supply and sanitation.

Therefore, I have listed down a list of all the amazing health benefits of Drinking water:


  • Nervous System Signals: Neurons are the high-strung cells in the brain that connect by sending signals. Water helps neurons to travel faster across the brain to another part of your body. This means easy and speedier communication of your brains with the rest of the body. Swill now, drink water in DR Congo, be a hero.

  • Better Digestion: It is recommended to drink water before every meal and an hour later after every meal for healthy digestion. Water helps to break down the food so that the body can absorb the nutrients by keeping your intestines smooth and flexible. Water helps to soften stool and helps in the prevention of constipation. The best logical answer is drinking water in Kinshasa now.

  • Weight Loss: Water helps in curbing excessive weight every time you take a sip as the liver metabolizes fat into usable energy. The harmful toxins are eliminated whenever your body gets hydrated. Water is the best companion for burning calories and fat in an easier effortless and cashless way, drink water in Kinshasa now.

  • Detoxifies the body: Humans have a habit of eating foods with high sugar, salt and spice content that later troubles their body. The best way for your body to have healthy digestion is drinking water, which flushes out all the wastes. The human body stays healthy every time we drink water by allowing it to purify itself from time to time.

  • Regenerates Skin: Water’s magical healing qualities are older than the Sun and Earth. With time, it has evolved and developed into being the most beautiful gift of nature. Water is responsible for regenerating your skin by flushing out the toxins your skin possesses along with replenishing your tissues. Water increases your skin elasticity and blood circulation by keeping your skin soft, flexible and moist. Swill now, drink water in DR Congo, be a hero.

  • Natural Healer: Water is the only liquid available to us that restores all our problems. It is useful in regenerating nails, hair, organ lining, and damaged nerves and many more healthy body functions that can be healed by drinking water regularly. Other benefits include prevention and reduction of common diseases like back pain, headaches, ulcers, hypertension, asthma, fatigue, hangovers, morning sickness and much more. The best logical answer is drinking water in Kinshasa now.


Today, pledge for drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day and show your problems the exit door. Hurry now, drink water in DRC, save a life. 

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