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Your workplace features a finite amount of space, and you buy every sq ft of it. It’s in your best interest to use the maximum amount of it as you'll, as effectively as possible. But office space planning isn’t always so straightforward. There are many variables to think about that dictate what’s possible. 

Before you begin rearranging office chairs and desks, displacing employees, or changing the dynamic of your office, consider a couple of basic office planning tips.

Start with an idea 

Without an idea, you’re randomly rearranging things. 

Who’s to mention if your design will work or what potential benefits it's going to have? 

Planning shows the complete scope of change, helps set benchmarks, coordinates the transition, and gauges your costs.

Constructive space planning for the office starts with knowing your primary objectives. 

What are you trying to urge out of your workplace? 

Some common answers include:

  • More available space to accommodate business growth
  • Better organization and structure within the workplace
  • Enhanced culture and workplace pity employees and visitors
  • Optimized space utilization, leading to higher revenue or lower cost per sq ft 

When you know what you’re striving for, you'll plan for it. Then, take your goal and pair it with the proper workplace design. Review workspace space planning concepts to know the pros and cons of various layouts and understand how they could fit within your workplace. This includes open office space ideas, knowing how to buy office chair and desks, recreational rooms, and meeting rooms.

Assess the response and know space planning necessities

Once you’ve got a thought, take it to your employees. Effective space planning means getting before criticisms or setbacks which will accompany a workplace redesign. Ideas sound great to those that came up with them—make sure you’re getting the opposite side of the story from employees who might not be as keen on them.

Candid conversations with employees will highlight weaknesses in your workplace plan and where you'll improve. For instance, you'll not realize the necessity for more collaborative workspaces until you ask employees about their work habits. Or, you land during a quiet work area rather than another room.

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Diving into space planning

With the proper idea in-hand and buy-in from staff, the sole thing left is to thrash out the small print. At this stage, it’s all about optimization. You’ve got the ideas—now, it’s time to place them to figure. 

Here are a couple of workspace planning tips to optimize your workplace layout:

Plan for growth and account for the capacity

If your office accommodates 50 and you allocate space for 50, you’re already at capacity. There’s no room for growth unless you would like to revamp the whole space again. Design for less-than-maximum occupancy and integrate room for growth.

Diversify spaces

Your employees need quite a desk. They’ll require recreational areas, private areas, tech support areas, and lounges, among others. Know how to design the office with the proper dynamic of spaces in mind, proportionate to how often they’ll be used.

Concentrate on the workplace environment

Features like lighting and noise play an enormous role in employee efficiency and luxury. As you propose your space and specialize in things like office desks or walkway allocation, confirm you’re also listening to contributing factors within the environment.

Know what you can’t control

There’s no such thing as repositioning windows or moving the hearth exit. Such are some of the consistent building traits that you cannot control. You’ll only design them. Keep them in mind as you propose your space, then make the foremost of the square footage and features you'll control.

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