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by Nick Valencia Evergreen Tree Service

Vast jungles of unimaginable extent once blanketed most of the area of the Earth with species that grew in the environments they were living in. Oregon’s metropolitan cities are filled with trees spreading aside from the ecosystems in which they emerged, compressed by concrete and formed, frequently firmly, to meet our parameters. Similar to every living creature, trees have an average lifespan. Seldom can that lifespan be made small when natural calamities harm a tree so rigorously that total eradication is the only choice.

Why Is Tree so Essential?

We, the human being, require oxygen to live. If we cannot breathe, we cannot stay alive after a few minutes. So a tree is essential. There are no other sources of producing oxygen. From human to any animal, we cannot produce oxygen. Not only that, trees play a critical role in keeping nature balanced.

●             Trees Prevent Climate Changes

●             Trees not only provide oxygen but also keep the air clean.

●             Well, it prevents the head and keeps the atmosphere fresh.

●             On hills or river tilts, trees reduce flow and retain the soil in position.

●             Trees give a canopy and environment for wildlife.

●             Trees benefit health as there are lots of herbs and medicinal -plants.

Trees reinforce the unique nature of a community and strengthen cultural pride. Forest also takes part as an educational source and to bring societies together for movements like sitting together and share thoughts, enjoying a peaceful time to relax the mind.

So let's Hear Some Disadvantages of Deforestation

Removal of a tree is the least alternative, however rarely it becomes urgent to shield your protection and your assets. Protecting the tree can be a practical choice, as considerably as affording several more ages of advanced enjoyment of that tree. So what are the disadvantages of Deforestation?

1.            Deforestation ruins the territory of creatures and birds.

2.            If we cut more trees, there will be a more limited source of oxygen. It produces greenhouse gas build-up.

3.            Deforestation can further create an adverse impact in the field of medicine and science as it will affect the development of new herbal medications.

4.            Deforestation bequeaths the soil bare to decay and leaching. Therefore, over time the earth will dissipate its fertility, and ultimately desertification may happen in the region that was once concealed by trees.

5.            Deforestation also affects the water cycle.

So why do not we save trees and find out alternative solution except Deforestation?

Our lives depend on the trees. Saving forests, jungles are really essential. Also, we need space to build houses. So that humankind also lives in harmony.

Here are some modern solutions -

●             Plant small trees in your garden, decorate your home as well as enjoy the fresh air.

●             Recycle and purchase recycled products to save trees. Also, go paperless.

●             Reject clear-cutting. So, without removing trees, you can trim the branches and redecorate. Among Oregon tree service provider, Evergreen Tree Service can help you save trees by providing excellent service on Tree Trimming & Pruning.

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