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by Jack Fernando advisor
In Quicken 2019, some suggestions have been given to reconcile an account, which is causing you problems. If you are sitting in front of your computer, try the following tips.

Make sure you are working with the correct account

It seems silly, is not it? If you have a group of bank accounts, it is very easy to end up in the wrong account. Therefore, go ahead and confirm, for example, that you are trying to reconcile your checking account at Mammoth International Bank using Mammoth International's checking account statement.

You will already know about the transactions received from the bank.

Go to your bank statement to make sure you have registered all transactions registered with your bank. Withdrawals from ATMs, special charges or service charges (such as checks or your safe deposit box), automatic withdrawals, direct deposits, etc., are easily overlooked.

Look for reorganized transport

Here is a difficult one. If you accidentally enter a backward transaction, enter a refund amount as a refund or deposit amount, your account is no longer available, and it can be difficult to find an error.

Reconciliation: the verification window shows all the correct transactions, but the amount of a transaction seems positive when it should be negative or negative when it should be positive.

See the opportunity to see this offer

An easy way to find a transaction in which you entered the reverse, if you only have one, to find a transaction that is equal to half the irreversible difference. If the difference is $ 200, for example, you may have entered the $ 100 deposit as a withdrawal or $ 100 withdrawal as a deposit.

The sign of difference (that is, positive or negative) should help you find the problem. If the difference is positive, the bank considers that if you have less money than your record, then indicate that you have accidentally entered withdrawals in the form of deposits. If the difference is negative (the bank considers that it has more money than its registration) it is losing the deposit transaction.

Find transport for propagation.

If the difference between the bank's record and the difference between one of the transactions listed in your record, you incorrectly marked the transaction or left the transaction incorrectly marked.

Check the transporter numbers

Transposed numbers occur when you flip two numbers in a number, for example, $ 45.89 $ 48.59.

These turkeys always cause headache accountant and accountant. If you look at the numbers, it is often difficult to find the error because the points are the same. When you compare the check amount of $ 45.89 on your record with a check of $ 48.59 shown on your bank statement, both the check amount shows the same digits: 4, 5, 8 and 9. You will be separated from them, Show them in a different order.

Someone see your work

This idea may seem very clear. If you are using Quicken at home, ask your spouse. If you are using Quicken at work, ask the owner or his colleague (preferably a person who always takes a lot of free time).

Beware of multiple errors

By the way, if you receive an error while using this wish list and you still can not balance your account, then you should start reviewing again at the top of the list. You can search after finding a transposed number, that you have entered another transaction backward, or that you have incorrectly cleaned or obscured any transaction.

Try next month (and complete the time after that month)
If the difference is not very large in relation to the size of your bank account, you can wait until next month and try to reconnect your account again.

Given the careless attitude that you put in panic, consider the following example. You adjust your account in January and the difference is $ 24.02. You adjust the account in February and the difference is $ 24.02. Then reconcile the account in March and, surprise, surprise, the difference is still $ 24.02.

What's going on here? Well, the balance of your initial account was probably $ 24.02. (The more months you try to reconcile your account and discover that you are always mysteriously away from $ 24.02, it is more likely that there is a defect for this type of error)

After the second or third month, Quicken is very good at saying that he must enter an adjustment transaction for $ 24.02 so that his balance remains. (This is the only condition that adjusts your account to match the bank's figures).

Well, if you have successfully integrated your account witQuickenen, then your work can not be wrong either. The bank error (dholak, please) can be! And in this case, you should do something else.

Get in your car, go to the bank and seek help

As an alternative to the previous idea, you believe that the bank's statement is correct and that your records are incorrect: ask the bank's people to help you reconcile the account. (Check if they already charge for this service, of course).

The signal is that you think his fault is probably his. Smile a lot And another thing: be sure to ask about the products that are currently in the lobby. (This behavior encourages you to think that you are interested in a 180-month deposit certificate and it will be very good for you).

In general, keeping records of the bank is usually very good. Even so, your bank may have made a mistake, so ask for help from the people there.

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