Reasons why maintenance of Solar Panels are important?

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PV Solar cells convert solar energy to direct electric energy. Solar energy generation is noise-free and has a long life with less maintenance and quality outcomes. Solar Energy is considered as uncontaminated and a pure source of energy because of non-polluting behavior.

Solar power has the power to change the lives by assisting in saving money and eventually add value to the domestic households in Australia. About One million homes in Australia have installed solar power systems.

What are the optimum conditions for a solar system to operate?

Australia is a great place to explore the capacity of solar energy. A north-facing roof between 20 to 30 degrees is the most ideal aspect for extraction of solar energy. Eastern panels will generate effective power earlier in the day while the north and west-facing panels will produce good amount power afternoon.

Better sunlight means better production, but the heat on hotter days actually has a negative impact on the solar panels. The estimated energy yield is recorded in kWh (units) per day. The midday gives around 85 percent of the significant peak power output. The maximum power point trackers (MPPT) is also used for better efficiency.

What are the points to keep in mind while installing a PV system?

Shading vents, trees and other infrastructures should be avoided and advice must be taken from the installing team and solar expert.

Other objects like power lines and antennas which can cast small shadow must be at distance. Panels should not be placed directly under a tree branch or wires or stands as birds are likely to perch there and leave excrement on the panels. People must buy an entire solar power system with a specific warranty period. This must also cover labor with no extra charges.

Why it is important to have well-maintained clean solar panels?

The performance of pv solar plants will have a negative impact due to collection of dirt particles on the panels as it will block the sunlight. Proper dusting is required at regular intervals. Dirt is related to air pollution, accumulated dust, bird droppings, grease or any other particles in the air. Dirty parts of the panel create hotspots as they got hot quickly and decrease the efficiency of the system. The dust must be removed from the surface of solar PV panels in order to ensure highest performance.

The optimum performance of the PV system will not operate in an expected way due to low maintenance eventually developing a negative impact on energy savings. Proper management services must be attained time to time.

What can be the effective measures for Maintenance of Solar Panels?

Solar panels, fortunately, require very low maintenance as they are reliable and durable and can last for years but proper care and precautions will make last longer. Document the day-to-day performance of the installed PV system to improve solar panel maintenance. It is important to write down how much energy has been produced at a consistent time every day and make special note of dates where it is very cloudy. A well-defined Monitoring system will help in observing the benefits provided to the system. They can also help you know how much you could benefit from the feed-in tariff scheme. Automatic cleaners can be used for cleaning purposes.The rainwater patches cleaning and periodic site inspections are crucial for better check-up planning. Avoiding abrasive cleaners is also vital to avoid scratches and unwanted damage.

Solar energy generation is noise-free, has a long life with less maintenance, easily available, effortless installation, has quality power for both domestic and industrial usage and effectively promotes sustainable development.

This information is the outcome of years of experience and expertise in solar domain of photon energy solutions, an Australina company provides tailored solar energy solutions across the NSW, both the urban and countryside locations.

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Assess your solar potential now and opt for pv solar solutions to save money and earn with this green technology.  

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