Reasons To Do The 200 Hour Yoga TTC - Most Preferred For Beginners

by Jiva Yoga Academy Yoga School In Rishikesh

If you harbour dreams of making yoga your career, you are at the right place. It is important for each one, with dreams, to decide what path, they want to take, to reach their goal. Just wanting to study yoga, will not take you anywhere, in the first place. There is a lot more that needs to be unearthed. You need to know why you want to do the course, after all. Many students or shall we say, individuals want to do yoga courses, for self-practice. There are certain grey areas, that their neighbourhood school, may not have answered. So, people have found out, where all the answers are. The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is something, which will solve many of your problems.

That is the reason, why you will find many beginners chasing the courses of this stature. If you want to gain recognition in the field of yoga, and that too as a knowledge giver, then this course is a must.

Read about all the reasons, here, in complete details.

Why Should You Do The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

· Making matters all the more simple for you, a yoga teacher training is a must, if you want to step into the field. There are various courses that are available. However, you must choose a course, that is globally accepted. A 200 hour YTTC marks the beginning of your yoga journey. Moreover, you also get a certification. Additionally, if the course happens to be a Yoga Alliance certified one, things will be brighter. You can apply for jobs throughout the globe after completing the course. An accredited yoga school is one which has all the courses certified by the global body. You get to learn authentic yoga and nothing else.

· It is considered to be your first step towards serious yoga practice. The course does not just give you a certification, but it gives you the chance to transform. You will transform into a true yogi, who has immense knowledge in the theory and practicalities of the subject. Most yoga schools take students through the asana practices and breathing techniques. However, you will understand, after joining the program, of course, that yoga is a wider realm. You will get to understand the nurturing qualities in a better manner as well. You will start learning about mudras, bandhas, kriyas, and mantra chanting as well.

· It is in the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, that you will learn about the anatomy and alignment. This is the first step aimed towards scientific yoga practice. If you do not know, where the organ is, or what its actual function is, you cannot decide the course of a session, later as a teacher, or for yourself. The teachers at the yoga school provide you with diagrammatic representations of the location and count of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, tissues, and more. There will be students in your yoga class, who will have some limitations or injuries. If you are not well-conversant with this part, then you cannot work around their injuries. Additionally, you may end up injuring them more seriously.

· You will also be introduced to the idea that yoga is an amalgamation of asanas, breathworks, and meditation. The big picture comes live in front of you, through the course. Additionally, you will learn about various kriyas, that can cleanse you inside out. Spirituality occupies centre stage, in this program. Meditation and breathworks can unblock certain parts of your astral body, so that you can gain access to the divine. The course also allows you to explore the basics if the higher realm. It is a journey that can take you very far.

· It is through this professional course, that you will be able to explore the scriptures. That is something very distant, for all those who just opt for regular yoga classes. The sessions will take you through different Vedic texts like Upanishads and the Gita. Additionally, you will also be able to learn the background of yoga, that goes back to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, from the 15th century or the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Moreover, the teachers will not just read out the texts, but they will give you explanations, so that you are on the track to spiritual enlightenment. You, as a teacher later on, can provide the same knowledge to the others. You will also understand the yogic way of life, through the texts.

· After you complete the course, you can also go for the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh. It is an advanced course, that takes your learning several notches higher. You will study the same subjects that you did in the 200-hour YTTC, but in greater detail. The course will fetch you the certification of RYT 300, so that you can be placed on the position of an advanced teacher. The courses can give you a complete overview of multi-style yoga. It is one of the best and most widely studied among the yoga courses, so you will get the best exposure to a wide variety of styles. Most students look up to teachers, with a wide range of expertise.

· On the professional front, you will get to learn about the principles of teaching. Teaching pedagogy is something very important here. Moreover, you will be able to undertake live classes, at the ashram, under the observation of the teachers. This is a first-hand experience of how you will present yourself in the class. You will learn about cues, that you can give in the classroom. Additionally, you will also learn how to align the postures correctly. Modifications and variations are also covered.

So, you can very well see, that the 200-hour YTTC and the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, can give you good exposure in this field. You can learn for knowledge and later turn it into a career, as well. Beginners need to start somewhere and this is something, that can take you places.

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