Reasons that Explain the Increasing Demand of IOS Mobile Apps

by Parangat Technologies Mobile App Development Company

There’s no denying the fact that iOS and iPhone dominate the world of mobile technology and app development, respectively. And, there’s no stopping the brand anytime sooner after the launch of the iPhone 11

As per a report, Apple is expected to sell around 185 million phones in the next year. As the market leader of the world’s mobile market, iOS has become the holy grail for businesses looking for better credibility. 

An iOS mobile app guarantees worldwide reach and an opportunity to address millions of users at once. Apple store continues to rule the app market with around 2 million available applications.

Major ios application development companies also vouch for the performance of apps and prefer them over other frameworks.  Let us look at some of the features of iOS development to understand why iOS is a hallmark for high-caliber.


As per research, a better UI experience increases a web app’s conversion rate by 200%. Similarly, a well-designed UX experience could even increase this by 400%.

User experience includes everything from an interactive UI to mobile responsiveness.

In the iOS application, the scope of compatible devices remains limited to apple’s products. The quality of the app’s UX doesn’t fluctuate as the manufacturer and framework remain the same.

A developer also has more freedom to utilize this framework’s configuration unlike in cross-platform apps.  So, it becomes easier to develop and provide the best possible uniform experience.

Moreover, the Apple Store has a strict guideline that a developer has to follow to get his/her application accepted. Apple ensures that its platform only has the best apps in terms of quality, performance, and experience.

Needless to say, it is only quality and customer satisfaction that sells in today’s business environment. Apple’s guidelines will ensure that your application is suited perfectly to your user’s needs and the expectation of potential customers. 

In 2020, the biggest threat to online business will be cybersecurity and data protection. In 2019, reputed organizations like Facebook and WhatsApp have already faced data breaches. This has led to the private data leakage of millions of users.

As a result, a user is now more cautious about giving access to applications. The good news is that iOS applications are stringent when it comes to security.

Unlike Android, they work on a closed operating system which makes an application safer. Most iOS developers now use Swift for programming which makes the modification of code even more difficult.

What makes them even safer is again Apple’s strictness in maintaining the latest version of iOS on all its devices.

Around 60% of iPhone users have the latest version of iOS and receive the latest security updates immediately.

This helps in maintaining a secure and safe operating system that protects its user’s data fervently. 

While some analysts argue that Android has more users, they cannot deny that iOS provides better exposure in terms of exclusivity and niche audience. An iPhone customer tends to be more affluent and ready to try the premium features of an application. 

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As per reports, iPhone users spent an average of $21 or more on in-app purchases and app downloads by the last quarter of 2018. This proves that Apple users do not mind spending money on a product that promises quality.

If you can develop a product that delights your users, you will gain a loyal customer base. In the long run, business thrives on long-term customers for better profits. 

  • We operate in a highly competitive environment with an increasing number of customers. Also, a new and advanced feature gets introduced in the eco-system every day. Your application needs to be more flexible and scalable to compete in the business world.

    iOS is more sophisticated than any other operating system and can integrate advanced features for superior quality. iPhone applications are known to be more scalable and can help your business keep up with the changing trends.

    When you choose iOS, you choose an avenue of keeping up with the trends and keeping your customers happy with the latest offerings. Nothing beats customer delight at sales.

    Android applications earn only 10% of the cash spent on building them. Their paid download rate and in-app purchase rate too is lower than iOS. An iPhone application poses a better chance of earning revenue.

    Some people claim that android has a better scope of earning through advertising. But, the margin involved is comparatively lower. iOS applications give your business a better chance of a long-term profit with a better customer base and dependable earnings.

    While Android may claim to have more users, the iPhone still dominates the niche market of tech-lovers. A successful iPhone application brings a better reputation and credibility to the firm.

    A good rating on the Apple store brings better brand value and loyal customers to your business. It also opens up the avenue in developed markets of the US, UK, and Japan. For a business looking at global domination, iOS has to be the first choice.

    An iPhone application needs to cross difficult tests to be listed on the apple store. These strict guidelines ensure that only the best apps are available to the customers.

    Thanks to these stringent standards, your customers have a smoother experience. A developer puts more effort and details into developing an iPhone app. Their dedication shows in the quality and leads to increased customer delight. As a result, you don’t have one time visitors, you have life-long customers. 


Apple is known for premium quality and thought leadership. An application verified by this company is an asset to any business’s goodwill. A business with a hallmark of quality will always sell and fare better in the long run. Remember, quality leads to sales and apple gives you just that.

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