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Sharing list of Top Java Interview Questions and Answers for you. Read it and prepare your java interviews.

Top Java Interview Questions and Answers

  1. What is JAVA?
  2. What is Object Oriented Programming?
  3. What are the Oops concepts?
  4. What is Inheritance?
  5. What is Encapsulation?
  6. What is Polymorphism?
  7. What is Meant by Interface?
  8. What is Meant by Abstract Class?
  9. What are the Java IDE’s?
  10. Explain JDK, JRE and JVM?
  11. Explain public static void main(String args[]) in Java.
  12. Why Java is not 100% Object Oriented?
  13. What are wrapper classes in Java?
  14. What are constructors in Java?
  15. There are three types of constructors
  16. What is Meant by Local variable and Instance variable?
  17. What is a Class?
  18. What is an Object?
  19. Difference Between Array and Array List.
  20. Difference Between String, String Builder, and String Buffer.
  21. Explain about Public and Private access specifiers.
  22. Difference Between HashMap and HashTable.
  23. Difference Between HashSet and TreeSet
  24. Difference between Abstract class and Interface.
  25. Abstract Class:
  26. Interface:
  27. What is Collections in Java?
  28. Why Pointers are not used in Java?
  29. What is JIT compiler in Java?
  30. What are access modifiers in Java?
  31. What is an object in Java and how is it created?
  32. Difference Between a local variable and an instance variable?
  33. Local variable
  34. Instance variable
  35. What is Final keyword in Java?
  36. Difference between this() and super() in Java?
  37. What is a Classloader in Java?
  38. What is Abstraction in Java?
  39. What is Interface in Java?
  40. Different types of inheritance in Java?
  41. What is Encapsulation in Java?
  42. What is Request Dispatcher?
  43. Steps to connect to a database in java?
  44. What are Exception handling keywords in Java?
  45. What is a Thread?
  46. How do you make a thread in Java?
  47. Explain about wait () method.
  48. Difference between start() and run() method of thread class.
  49. What is Synchronization?
  50. What is the disadvantage of Synchronization?
  51. What is Serialization?
  52. What is the Purpose of a Transient Variable?
  53. What is OutOfMemoryError in Java?
  54. Different types of Garbage Collectors in Java?

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