Ramdev Astrologer future predictions based on formation of mouth

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Each individual has a different shape, size, thickness, color, and structure of mouth. Different forms of the mouth give unique shape to the face. Besides giving unique shape and structure, according to astrology the shape of the mouth can reveal about an individual life a lot. A person’s destiny, luck, fortune, health, marriage can be indicated by the kind of mouth he has. Therefore, here Astrologer Ramdev reveals the meaning behind the shape of one’s mouth. He is the Famous Indian Astrologer.

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Meaning of Mouth in Face Reading

The mouth of the person indicates joy, fun, material desire, opposite-sex relationship, friendship, one’s speaking credibility, love relationship, tolerance and so much more! Mouth is also indicative of one’s destiny, luck, and fortune.

Ø  Regular, nourished and angular mouth is considered the best.

Ø  The formation like, when mouth opened looks big and when closed looks small is also good. 

Ø  The thick and red lips are also good.

Ø  The upturned corners are also good. 

What the different sizes of the mouth indicate?

1.       Small Mouth

People with small mouth are regarded as quite conservative and narrow in their thought process. They mainly live a life of dependency on others or family members. Being surrounded with limited thoughts, their actions are negative and they can’t give full attention to their talents and desires.

2.       Big Mouth

People with big mouth tend to live a healthy life with a healthy mind. With the healthy mind they are able to take care of their near and dear ones sincerely. They are quite active among their society members and friends because of their friendly nature. In terms of love, they are good at expressing their feelings and winning the heart of the lover. For improving one’s relationship Ramdev astrologer is the best Love psychic astrologer in New York.


What are the different kinds of mouth?

1.       Crooked Mouth

An individual with the crooked mouth tends to be talkative and predicted to suffer from stomach diseases.

2.       Left Crooked Mouth

The one with the left crooked mouth is seen as passive, cynical and boring. They tend to, face problems in their personal relationships, have a tendency to dominate others and bear revenge against friends as well as enemies.

3.       Right Crooked Mouth

People with such mouth are witty, eloquent and posses the ability to voice their opinions and thoughts. Sometimes they utter talks that don’t make sense to logical people that results in unnecessary conflicts and quarrels.

4.       Protruding Mouth

People with such mouths are vibrant, healthy, ambitious, jealous, and impulsive.  They are quite unexpressive and live an unstable life. In terms of food, they are not very much foodie.

5.       Sunken Mouth

People with sunken mouth are bit conservative and lack of social skills. Being conservative, they don’t voice their thoughts and opinions and rarely quarrel with others.

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