Radical SEO Techniques and Strategies for 2018

by Robert M. Technical User

In today’s digital age, you cannot think to succeed in business without making an online presence. Once you are online, you have to put in efforts to grab the attention of your target audience. Create the best design for your website, choose technologically advanced platforms and do all sort of professionalism in building your business website. Even if you try all tricks, it would be a difficult task to appear on top of search engine result pages. You need to tactically implement advanced SEO techniques and strategies to succeed.

Remember that the industry has transformed completely and the methods followed a few years back are no longer in use. If they are, then with significant modifications. You need to stay abreast of the latest developments and devise a strategy around the advanced techniques to increase your organic traffic.  

Here are top techniques that must constitute your SEO strategy in 2018:

1.       Use of long tail keywords

Internet users do not want clutter, but specific results for their search queries. In this regard, using phrases that are specific to your brand, products and services can obtain the best results.

Long tail keywords are more targeted, get less traffic, but ensure higher conversions. The more specific your keyword, the less competition you will face.

2.       Page speed optimization

Check your website’s page speed.

As you know users lose their patience quite easily, they will not wait for more than a few seconds while your website is loading.  Step into your customer’s shoes and use their perspective to define your strategy. In fact, Google also works for its users to provide them the best ever experience.

If your website takes time to load, it will not facilitate customer engagement. Online search is more like a race. If you run slowly, you will lose. Use Google’s PageSpeed Insight tool to analyze your website’s load time and what factors are slowing it down.

Google has already announced that your website’s load time will affect its ranking. So, optimize your website to increase its speed.

3.       Mobile friendliness

You must have wondered whether or not you need a mobile friendly website. One of the Google’s algorithm updates clearly states that mobile-friendly sites will see a ranking boost.

Now what would you decide?

Of course, you will prefer to get a dynamic and responsive website that is mobile friendly.

This update from Google came in the response to the fact that most of the users perform searches using their smartphones.  Mobile-friendly test tools by Google can help you analyze if your website is mobile-friendly.

4.       Relevant, high-quality content

Online content is all about quality. If users will like your content, then only they will come back to you. Remember that you have to practice it regularly, every time you post any content. You are not going to be famous with just one post. But, always consider that it is quality that matters, not quantity.

Research and generate high-quality fresh content around the topics your users are interested in. Using tools like Google news can help you find trending topics to generate content around it.

5.       Link building – quality matters, not quantity

Backlink is one of the major ranking factors in Google’s search algorithm. With quality backlinks, it means links from high-quality and relevant websites.

For instance, if you form content around Search Engine Marketing then backlinks from SEO related websites will be considered relevant. Since digital marketing and content marketing are closely related topics, links from these sites are also counted as relevant. On the other hand, if you get links from fashion and software sites, then those will be irrelevant ones.

Do proper research and use the right set of keywords to generate better links, relevant for your target audience. This will also prevent your site from being penalized.

6.       Strengthen your social presence

Social media platforms have been the top choice of consumers to talk about brands, discuss their preferences and share recommendations.

So, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

If you create engaging posts around users’ preferences, it can persuade users to click it. They will share, comment, and show engagement until the post is read by people they care about.  

Social media is the most feasible channel to market your content and your brand. It has the potential to widen your reach in an amazingly short span of time.

7.       Voice search is the trend

Voice search is common these days. With improved user interphase, programs like Google Now are quite popular among users. Therefore, optimizing for voice search would increase your likelihood of ranking. Now users do not want to type so much when their voice is enough to search what they want. Optimize for voice search if you want good rankings.

There could be many more SEO techniques and strategies that you are planning to use in 2018. Trends keep changing so the strategies.