Quit: It's the best for your health

by Genesis Foundation Save Little Hearts
Tobacco is of one of the leading causes of many heart and lung diseases including cancer causing millions of deaths around the world. The tobacco industry targets the population including the younger generation by coming out with strategies to make tobacco more appealing. This has led to the tobacco epidemic and with the increasing global population, more and more people have started to smoke. Certain studies also suggest that smokers might have a higher risk for a severe case of Covid-19 as well as they are used to constantly touching their hands to the lips which increases the chances of contacting the virus. This is why, on this World No Tobacco Day, it is time to quit smoking and start your way on leading a healthy life. 

Why should you quit smoking?
Before starting this journey, it is important to understand the harmful and deadly effects of tobacco use and why it is important to quit. The fact that smoking leads to fatal lung and heart diseases in addition to cancers of the lung, mouth, head, neck, etc is common knowledge.

The cigarette boxes also show disturbing pictures to reduce the appeal of tobacco products, but people still continue to smoke. On top of this, it also increases the risk of developing other diseases such as tuberculosis, liver disease and heart attacks. It is especially harmful for pregnant mothers and lactating mothers as it can affect the development of the baby leading to improper growth and a possible miscarriage.

Studies have also reported smoking pregnant mothers as one of the risk factors of children being born with specific types of congenital heart defects such as pulmonary valve anomalies, pulmonary artery anomalies, and isolated secundum type of atrial septal defects. Genesis Foundation, which is an NGO for heart treatment for under-privileged children, helps to support the surgeries of such heart defects all over India.

The list of why tobacco is so harmful is never-ending. In spite of this, smoking is actually normalised in many parts around the world such as Europe and Asia, including India. It’s addictive nature makes it very hard for people to quit and many don’t even try because they can’t be bothered. In fact, reports say that to quit smoking was one of the hardest thing people have ever had to do. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that health should always be the first priority, as Covid-19 has taught us that lesson. This is something that a lot of people have realised during the pandemic this past year. 

There can be no better time to quit than now!
Some tips to help your body get used to withdrawals is 

Drinking water whenever you feel the urge as it can become a healthy alternative to sticking a cigarette in your mouth. 
Find ways to distract yourself either by listening to music, reading, cooking, and even talking to your family and friends that can help you. 
Exercising such as running and yoga is a great method as it actually results in the production of endorphin and dopamine hormones that put you in a better mood and reduce stress.
Talking to people who are also trying to quit or have stopped smoking can also help you feel better and ensure that you are not alone in this feeling. 
It is especially imperative for pregnant women to quit smoking as it can have huge consequences on the child’s health as well. 

On this day, let’s pledge together to quit smoking and take a step in adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Genesis Foundation, which is an NGO for heart treatment for under-privileged children stands in solidarity with all those who are trying to quit and move towards a healthier lifestyle. You can view the work they do, by visiting their website 

-Contributed by Komal Agrawal

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