Quik-Response Revolutionizes Sandbags

by Scott Federer Professional Writer

Quik-Response Sandless Sandbags

In an emergency, speed is key. Responding quickly and without hesitation saves lives.

When it comes to flooding and landslides, a situation can escalate fast. The way homeowners traditionally respond to a flood due to a storm, for instance, is to make sure that their property is protected by some kind of barrier. However, hauling over tons of sandbags, as well as the manpower to deploy those bags, eats a way a lot of time you simply don't have in a quickly deteriorating situation.

Moreover, setting up large barriers is often impossible and too time-consuming under the circumstance. Landscaping, construction, and building barriers are indeed highly recommended methods to prepare for a flooding event, but oftentimes, the event comes as a complete surprise, and there is simply no time. In these situation, you need quick action.

If your home or town is blindsided by its first bad flood in years, and you need to act fast, that's where Vasalta's Quik-Reponse sandbags come into play.

These sandbags are a revolutionary take on the classic sandbag - only with no sand! 

What essentially looks like an empty sack, these bags weigh less than one pound initially, and can be easily transported and deployed in urgent situations.

Just submerge the bag in a few gallons of water, and voila, you've got yourself a whopping 40 pound sandbag! These things aren't easy to budge once they're filled with water, so make sure you've chosen the best place to defend your property before you fill them up.

Even if the flood is rushing towards you and you don't have time to fill up the bags, the flood water itself will activate them and in minutes they will be fully functional.

Quik-Response self-expanding sandbags are also eco-friendly and reusable. Due to their special polymer-based material (the kind used in environmentally-friendly diapers), they don't contaminate the water, and after use, can be planted under soil to water plants at the roots, instead of throwing them in the trash.

Regular sandbags, meanwhile, sit there for months, looking dirty and withered, and end up getting thrown in a garbage dump.

As the emergency preparedness industry continues to grow, and technology continues to improve, companies must stay alert to new developments to optimize their products' efficacy and efficiency, while keeping environmental health a top priority. Vasalta Emergency Solutions is aware of this, and their Quik-Response sandless sandbag is an exemplary model. 

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