Quick Loans for Bad Credit – Necessity & Justification

by Ellie Brown Finance Loans

The ‘increasing people with bad credit score in the UK’ has become a hot topic of discussion in the communities of borrowers, direct lenders, corporate financial institution managers, and mainstream bank professionals. Everyone is concerned with the continuously rising bad credit score people and mounting debt with very dim possibility of complete debt return back but the prevailing financial, social and political conditions don’t seem in support of common man with increasing dependency on quick loans for bad credit.

Loans for Bad Credit People– The Conditional Necessity:

The numbers of private lending agencies in the UK offer loans for people with bad credit at attractive interest rates with flexible terms and conditions. The numbers of direct lenders increased dramatically during last couple of years because of the tremendous growth of borrowers with preference of direct lending in mind. The preference for direct lenders despite knowing the interest rate difference is because of low possibility of getting the loan with bad credit history at mainstream banks.

The necessity of borrowing from a direct lender is created by the political, social and economic conditions specially developed fast after Brexit agreement on June 23, 2016. Despite the widely hailed decrease in unemployment rate, the very low growth in wages in all the business sectors is being criticized everywhere. The majority of households are facing problem in meeting out even the regular monthly expenses.

On the other side, very high numbers of small wage jobs are curtailed within March 2017- February 2018 leaving considerably high numbers of people searching the fresh job. The early signs of Brexit transition  (29 March, 2019) have already begun to surface in the socio-economic environment. The transition period is expected to be for 21 months after Brexit day. According to Philip Hammond, U.K.'s Treasury Chief, “The UK’s economic growth will slow down to 2.4 % in 2018, 1.9 % in 2019 & 1.6 % in 2020. As per statistical estimate, the Brexit transition period will cost around 3 million pounds in 24 months.” The cost will certainly misbalance the income and expenditure forcing more people to explore the sources lending no guarantor bad credit loans.

No Guarantor Loans for Bad Credit People in and After 2018:

As of today, the bad credit loans being offered by direct lenders are in high demand but 2018, the loans for bad credit no guarantor are going to be high in demand. In economic circles, it is a very common opinion that the UK may face recession in 2019 again. The forecast of a possible “no deal Brexit”, when the U.K. will leave EU without any agreement for withdrawal or for future business – trading relationship, has started to worry the business giants. Everyone is more conscious about the possibilities he or she can face on economy grounds; therefore, finding a guarantor for a loan would be more difficult as it is today. Despite the high scale borrowing from the private lending agencies, the direct lenders are still expecting the skyrocketing demand of bad credit no guarantor loans after 2018.

How To Make Safe With Heat Of No Credit Check No Guarantor Loans:

Each financial help has a cost – direct or indirect. Taking no guarantor loan in 2018 or after may be a justified need; but, it depends upon you how you protect yourself from the heat of high interest no guarantor loan. Yes, no guarantor bad credit loans are made available at higher cost than the cost of FCA regulated secured loans. You must have fair idea about the current and future financial conditions. You should try the best to pay the bills on the time to smoothen the bumps on credit history. You should pay more than your minimum monthly credit card bills it will impress the lenders. If you have multiple loans, consolidating them with one loan is a good tactic to somehow improve the credit score.


Taking quick loans for bad credit in 2018 or after seems a justified need but the justification of loan requirement, loan amount and repayment period are the key guiding factors to pay the less cost. The selection of genuine, reputed, authorised, and client centric direct lender is the prime focus area once you decide for private borrowing.

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