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by Jeffery Orozco We provides the Solar System from Solarzing.

As solar energy system is fast gaining in popularity around the world, more and more new homeowners are considering making their homes future-ready for solar. Evidently, solar power system has been exceptionally popular given its only economics. It’s more cost-effective to install solar panels in your property especially for areas not connected with grid. Installing solar panels will definitely lead you to great savings on your electricity bills with an assurance of Return on Investment of 4-5 years. Today’s article focuses on new homeowners who are looking forward to turning their new homes future-ready for solar.

Future prospective

Make sure the internal wiring of your home is perfectly done during the construction work, so it gets easy for you to install a solar system later. Your house must have required wiring infrastructure to have a successful solar system in place. Many new homeowners do not focus on getting adequate materials to support the solar system in long-term. You, being an aware new homeowner, make sure your home has adequate materials that can help your solar system service for longer. The company you will buy solar system from usually provides a standard 12-15 feet long wire which may not even be adequate for you and may cause you uncalled chaos between you and the installer.

We have rounded up a few key points in this article to help you get the best experience from installing solar panels in your home. Such as necessary wiring is required for installing air conditioners, inverter batteries, dish cables and the like; similarly early provisions must be made for your solar wiring.

Solar panel designing tips

When you are building a new home, there are some things that need to be suggested to the engineer, especially if you are determined about installing solar panels in the property.

Check for rooftop strength: A solar systems involves installation of panels and mounts, which are usually heavy, hence the rooftop has to be strong to withstand its weight. The rooftop should be at least 6-7 inches in depth, so the connectors could easily fit, without having to damage the roof. A strudy roof base is necessary for the fasteners to fit perfectly.

  • Direction for installation

The performance of solar panels is usually based on the panels’ placement direction. The best placement direction is to face the sun, which is usually south, so the panels can receive as much sun as need to supply power across the house. For some regions, East and West might as well work well, however you must know yours before. You’d want to avoid placing your panels to the North, because it won’t work out well.

  • Wiring connection

A potential solar system buyer will need a two-inch diameter PVC pipe installed connecting roof with the ground that comprises of both earthing wire and solar. Earthing connection should be at a distance of one meter right from the wall. On this date, a standard house requires 1-5 kw solar system. If your current construction has the pipe, but is not sufficient, have 2-inch wide pipe connecting the roof with the ground to fit in all the wires.

  • Stair cases

The staircases must have minimum 1-meter space breadth, so the solar installer could lift and move the solar panels effortlessly. You buy the solar system and the provider delivers it which is usually put on the ground. However, since the panels are installed on the rooftop, installers often face challenges to move and lift those panels up to the rooftop, if there’s not enough space to put them aside.

  • Decide placement direction

You must decide between on-grid and off-grid solutions. If you are looking for power backup in commercial settings as your key motive for having the panels installed is to go off-grid. However, if your motive is to lower your monthly electricity bill, you must choose an on-grid solar system.

  • Choose the type of wiring carefully

It’s usually noticed that 1kW load sanction is regular for residential settings. If you think your consumption might get increased at some point in time, you must consider installing a 3–phase meter at home.


Solarzing is a reputable solar company for the rooftop as well as ground sector which will help you build a cost-effective solar system at home. Solarzing works towards making homeowners across the country including suburban areas. We also help prepare solar plans for farmhouses, schools, healthcare centers and offices. And, the cost of the solar Installation is very competitive, if you work with Solarzing. 

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