Questions to Ask Before You Join Bangalore Fitness Club

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Mere motivation is enough to join a gym. But when it comes to selecting a fitness club, there are many factors that need to be considered. If you are looking forward to joining Bangalore fitness club, you must ask a few questions that you must ask yourself and the club representative.

Let’s start with the questions that you must ask yourself before you join any fitness center in Bangalore:

  • What is your motive?

Are you planning to join a gym just because you want to keep yourself active and fit or do you want to lose or gain weight? This is important to have a clear motive and to keep yourself motivated to reap maximum benefit from the club membership.

Before you look for the best fitness centers in Bangalore, you must prepare yourself mentally to stick to your plan.

  • Do you have a medical history?

Ask yourself whether or not, you are absolutely healthy for exercising? If you have any underlying medical condition, you must consult your doctor before joining the club.

If your doctor allows you to join the club, ask him whether you can perform intensive workouts, or should you stick to lighter exercises. Also, make sure that you keep consulting your doctor at regular interval of time to avoid medical emergencies.

  • How far is the gym from your home or workplace?

Bangalore has earned a bad reputation for its traffic over the years. If you don’t want to get stuck in traffic for hours, you must select a fitness center that is near to your home. If it is near to your workplace, you can work out before or after work hours.

Once you are ready to join the fitness center, hunt for the best Bangalore fitness club. Here are the questions that you must ask the potential fitness center representative:

  • What are the facilities that you want? What’s the fee?

The fitness centers in Bangalore offer exemplary facilities to the fitness enthusiasts at a very nominal fee. The monthly rates are already low, and you can further save some money by opting for yearly memberships.

If you want to indulge in other fitness activities like outdoor sports like tennis, cricket, football or indoor sports like badminton and squash, there are certain fitness clubs in Bangalore that entertain this service. They have well-maintained courts with international standards where you can keep yourself fit.

So, before joining the club, you need to ask yourself whether you want to work out in the gymnasium, or you want to get on the court. Certainly, a club providing extended facilities will charge more. So, you must ask yourself whether you are okay with the fee.

  • Is there any maintenance fee?

Some clubs in Bangalore ask for maintenance fee from the members. If you are not okay with paying the annual maintenance fee, you must consider a club that does not charge for maintenance.

So, before joining the best club in Bangalore, you must ask the representative if they demand any such fee.

  • Is the fitness center insured?

This is one of the most important and sadly, the most overlooked consideration. Mishaps at the gym are not uncommon and hence, it is very important to know if the center is insured or not.

  • Are you required to sign a contract?

To join Bangalore fitness club, you would need to sign a contract. Earlier, these contracts used to be non-reciprocal. But this isn’t the case anymore. Today, the fitness centers make sure to offer as many benefits as possible. The contracts too benefit both the ends of the spectrum. Find out whether you have to sign a contract and what does the contract entail.

  • What is their cancellation policy?

You may need to sign a yearly contract with the Bangalore fitness club, and this means that you are locked in for a year. But what if you got to move out of Bangalore for work or education? What if you felt like discontinuing going to the gym?

Therefore, you need to understand the cancellation policy of the fitness centre. Ask them if they will allow you to walk out of the gym before the completion of the term and most importantly, will they refund your money?

  • How many trainers are there in the gym? Are they certified and experienced?

Surely you are not a fitness expert and you would definitely need a certified professional trainer. As you are splurging a hefty sum of money on the membership of the Bangalore club, it is your right to have a good trainer.

Ask them if they have certified trainers at the gym? How much experience do they have? Fitness should always be your priority. So, make a checklist of these questions and others that pop up in your mind and begin your fitness spree.  

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