Qualities You Should Have To Become An Indian Army Officer

by Shraabona Sengupta Career Blogger

Being a part of the Indian Army is something that children here starts fantasizing about from a very early childhood. Starting with the techniques of armed confrontations in war fronts to the uncompromising weather – we’ve had our fair share of battles in the school ground or a nearby neighborly place crowded with trees, haven’t we? Well, there’s certainly a zing to this profession, not to mention the high adrenaline rush and undoubtedly, job satisfaction. But seeking only these three factors mentioned above aren’t the only things that’ll make you qualified enough to join the army. There is a certain set of unique attributes that one must adhere to, in order to become a successful Indian Soldier.

§  Patriotism – An innate desire to protect the country and her people


§  Leadership + Team Spirit – One will be required to act both as a leader and as part of a team in certain given situations. Remember, battles are not fought as a one man army – building up an unbreakable rapport and empathizing with your team mates is a must.



§  Empathy – Being in the Armed Forces sounds much better in words, but the actually reality has been known to be too much of a stress on people’s psyche. Being in a warfront, especially, is guaranteed to change the way you looked at the world, so it is necessary that you put in every last bit of your efforts in understanding, empathizing and helping out the people you’re meant to protect, who might range from a homeless beggar, a commoner, the president and prime minister of a country to a child from a remote village you know nothing about, except that the land belongs to your enemies. Don’t let judgement cloud over the beating heart you have inside – it is the only thing that will keep you sane in times of need.


§  Interpersonal Skills – Be it a full-house party or an important meeting with the higher officials, one will be required to be in full command of his appearance, charm and holding up the image of one’s self. No slouching shoulders, no fumbling, no shyness – best of all, all the no-no’s are pre-designed to sketch you up into a strong, determined, confident and charming person. One who can be trusted with the safety of this country.



§  Survivor Skills – As a part of the Indian Army, you will be required to visit remote places, sometimes places where no one thinks of visiting, otherwise. Deserts, snowy mountains, beast-infested forests to terrorist infested borders – name it, and the Army will be sure to deliver you adventure with the full package. You have to remain calm, steady, equipped and always prepared for any kind of probable change your situation might bring out. A soldier needs to be an excellent combatant, an expert nurse, a brilliant investigator and the most compassionate yet ruthless human being – all at once.


§  Sensibility, Responsibility & Tactfulness – Joining the army is not about going to the battlefronts and winning a war against a force with lesser number of opponents. Joining the army is about having the skills to utilize a ten person team with utmost intelligence and cunningness along with compassion – and winning against a team of hundred, or a thousand of people who does wrong to our country. You should be intuitive about each of your movements, speed and be confident about the next step, no matter how dangerous or harsh the situation might be.


§  Physical & Mental Strength – Last but not the least, a strong, determined & straight mind along with a well-built physique is a must for every soldier – these are required to withstand any challenge that’ll be thrown towards them. Starting from hours of field practices that’ll require an extended amount of flexibility, to uncountable unannounced mental tests – you will need to wade your way through all sorts of water before finally claiming your rightful place among the army.

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