Puppy food: How much food should the puppies eat?

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Newborn puppies have weak resistance. So it is very important for beginners to understand what to feed the puppies as well as the amount of food they eat each day. Not only that, ensuring adequate nutrients during this time will affect the growth rate and health of your four-legged friend as an adult. However, you do not need to worry too much because Fonti will reveal to you some extremely effective principles for caring for puppies by age.

1. Food for puppies under 1-month-old

Neonatal period:

During this stage, the puppy's food is completely dependent on the mother. Newborn puppies need to be breastfed right away to replenish the necessary nutrients. In breast milk, there is a very high content of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. This helps the puppy strengthen its immunity when exposed to a completely different environment from the womb.

When the puppies are born, puppies have not opened their eyes, teeth yet, and their ears are closed. Therefore, they rely entirely on their instinct to find a breast to breastfeed. Even when puppies open their eyes from day 10 on, they cannot adapt to light. The owner should also pay more attention to help the puppies to the mother's breast in case the puppies cannot find the breasts.

If the puppies are not breastfed due to the following reasons: the mother does not have milk; has psychological problems or complications after giving birth, ... you should invite your veterinarian to examine or bottle-feed your puppy.


Puppies should be exclusively breastfed for the first 4 days after birth. From day 5 on, it can be gradually replaced by feeding the puppies with just enough warmed bottles to avoid diarrhea. If your puppy is unable to lick the milk on her own, use a small syringe to pump the milk into her mouth. Then pour the milk into the bowl to let the puppy practice licking it gradually. The breeder should combine breastfeeding and drinking warm milk about 100-200ml per day, maintain for about half a month.

The period over 2 weeks:

When you are 15 days old, you can give your puppies extra thin porridge cooked with minced meat (pork) and pureed green vegetables. Each day, feed 1-2 small meals. You can mix 2 more tubes of calcium chloride into the milk and drink it every day to make the bones stronger.

You also need to regularly weigh it to check if the dog is growing healthy or not.

2. Puppy food for the second month

What should the puppies eat in the 2nd month? This is the first stage of growth in your dog's weight, the weight can double during this time. Since their metabolism is faster, as they begin to urinate and have feces, their diet will increase rapidly. This is also the time when your puppy begins to get used to foods in addition to breast milk.

The puppy food at this stage can be thin porridge and minced meat, but the number of meals will be increased from 3-4 meals a day to gradually replace the daily milk supply. Many articles suggest adding a few drops of Trivit or Tetravit into dog's milk from month 1.

In theory, Trivit and Tetravit both help puppies synthesize vitamins better, enhance metabolism, improve digestion, nutrient absorption, and stimulate weight gain. However, in month 1 they cannot absorb too many nutrients. Therefore, the second month is the best time for you to combine Trivit or Tetravit with food or milk, and be sure to accompany your veterinarian's advice.

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