Pros and Cons of Taxi Service between Chandigarh and Noida Cities

by Chitranshu Sharma Woocabs
Human beings have a need to constantly move around. However, with the invention of vehicles, mobility has become much easier and faster as compared to the olden days.

In Chandigarh, the rate of travel is high following a huge visitation of the city by many locals and foreigners. Noida is an industrial development hub and has a high affinity for job opportunities as well as tourist attraction. Therefore, both cities get a high rate of traveling either within the cities or connecting between them.

Now, if it weren’t for cars, this kind of travel would be very tiresome and strenuous to commuters taking the Chandigarh to Noida routes. Even better, the rising and increase of cab hailing companies that provide taxi services between the two cities has majorly calmed the high demand for transportation in between both cities.

Yet, as this form of transportation gains popularity, it is important to review how it affects the market and other forms of transportation such as trains, bus and flights.

Other forms of transportation compared to taxi

The various routes that connect Chandigarh to Noida have no direct flight travels. It is therefore not possible to take flight travel between the two cities unless commuters take flights between Chandigarh and New Delhi then connect from New Delhi by bus or taxi to Noida. Flight travel may be quite expensive.

This mode of transport also does not provide direct connectivity between both cities. Train travel can be taken between Chandigarh and New Delhi then connect by road from New Delhi to Noida.

There is also no direct transport connectivity by road for Chandigarh and Noida. However, bus transportation can be accomplished from New Delhi with prior means of transportation being flight or train travel.

Connectivity by train then by bus is the cheapest means of travel. However, it can be very inconvenient which is why taxi outstation travel is preferred.

Taxi may affect other transportation means through reducing their market proportion as taxi is the fastest way to connect the various routes of Chandigarh and Noida – which is why cab travel is highly preferred.

However, there are factors that would affect taxi travel for both cities. These are:
•    Timing
•    Cost
•    Ease of transport

Pros of taxi travel between the two cities

Taxi travel has provided a number of advantages for transport between Chandigarh and Noida. Such advantages include:

1.    Mobility accomplishment
Commuters are able to travel within both cities and to and from both cities through cab travel. The rise of various cab aggregator companies has enabled easy connectivity for commuters seeking work-related or casual traveling.

2.    Job creation
Due to the high need for transport services within and between both cities, cab hailing companies have risen to cater to this demand. In the process, job opportunities are created in the form of taxi drivers, customer support system and even the founder of these companies get to earn a source of living.

3.    Market satisfaction
The need for better transport services due to inefficient public forms of transportation raised the demand for cab hailing services in India. Now agencies that focus on providing transportation that connects Noida and Chandigarh have ensured that they meet their customers’ demands. In this way, there is a market satisfaction when the services provided are efficient and reliable.

4.    Online booking
The availability of online platforms that enable a customer to get a cab with just a few clicks of their mobile phones has proved to be a significant advantage for both the commuters and drivers. This is because, travelers can easily access cab services from the convenience of their location and not have to go out onto the streets to physically hail a cab. On the other hand, the online booking enable drivers to get customers without having to necessarily drive around physically looking for them.

5.    Security
Nowadays, before cab aggregator companies can hire a driver, they perform a thorough back ground check and ensure that drivers provide the necessary documents required. Even more so, some companies will train their drivers and provide them with rules of conduct. This provides a sense of security to the customers as they become aware that the drivers are harmless since they are under the employment of these cab service companies.

Cons of taxi travel between the two cities
1.    Stiff competition
As the number of the cab aggregator companies increases, they face stiff competition since they are providing the same type of services to the transport industry market. This may cause a strain to upcoming companies as they try to make a break through. In another situation, some companies will lower their prices so as to beat competition and in doing so, uneven the balance of a healthy competition.
This can lead to other companies lowering their prices and drivers may have to work for longer periods of time to compensate for the low rates.

2.    Insecurity
Despite drivers undergoing a thorough back ground check, some may turn out to be malicious. Also, some cab aggregator companies allow the contact and address information of customers to drivers so that they may be able to pick the client. Drivers may end up keeping such vital information and later stalk customers while having malicious intentions.
Also, the safety of drivers is very important. Taxi service providing companies, though having performed a back ground check on their drivers, will only have the relevant information that a customer provides. In this case, drivers get to interact with stranger clients and may not be aware of whoever their back seat passenger is. Many reports of homicides that occur in a taxi usually have the driver as the victim to a killer passenger.

In summary, there is a significant difference in the availability of taxi service for Chandigarh to Noida. The cab services have made traveling much easier, reliable and more convenient. This has helped in managing the demand for efficient transportation services in the two cities. However, taxi services may come with a price that affects both the commuters and service providers.

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