Pros and Cons of Python Coaching in Delhi

by Simran Aggarwal your beauty our passion
Hello everyone. Now in this post, I will talk about some pros and cons of selecting python coaching in Delhi and others. So the Kenni moves constantly and we try to tap on him as long as we tap on him. The score goes up and we run against time when the time is done. It says times of and the game is something like this, of course, we can make it more advanced. We can add more features to it. 

We can say high score we can make it online we can just add a replay button or something. But for right now we're going to take what we have learned in the previous section and we apply all the information to create this game. And I really suggest you guys post this video here because you now know everything to create this game. 


  • So I really suggest you go and find python course fees in Delhi or whatever you want and try to build this game on your own without looking to my videos. And if you have a question go and look the videos later on. 

  • So I will create a project. Name calling came Dick Cheney and I will start with a python coaching in Delhi activity but I really suggest guys if you didn't do it already just stop the video and try this on your own. And later on, come back and see how we do it. 

  • I really believe that you can make it more advanced than this on your own now because if you haven't watched the previous sections the layouts section the essentials section the Coplan basic section. 

  • Now it is time to do so I just set up the video again and go back to the previous sections and see what we have learned in those lectures and then come back. But if you're ready or if you already completed but if you want to just compare your solution to mine then we are ready to move on. OK. 

  • So let's get rid of this text for you here and why I'm going to do. I will integrate as I agreed to lay out here and I will place in a nine-year tree by tree and I will just hide them in a given period of a given interval so that it will look like it is moving and grid layout is a very convenient way to do it. 


  • So if you haven't watched the grid layout section the last lecture I recommend you of python coaching in Delhi to do so. So let me add just the size of this grid layout so that I will place my candy in here. So let me give this a little bit constraints here like to so that it will hold tight. 

  • And yeah let me put this into the center. Now I think we're OK right. It seems right. Maybe after we CAN IT JUST we can just after we placed image views as well. OK. So it says that we don't have the bottom and upper because trains we can just give them right now or we can wait for the other objects as well. 

  • So I how already. Kenny E-Machine. But you can just Google Kenny McCormick to find not Ken McLean obviously can make or meet to find a proper image of Kenny to use in our application.

  •  OK, you can choose whatever you want from python coaching in Delhi. So I have chosen this one and I will just copy this. OK. With Control-C or comments C and placed this into my drawable folder with the control we. 

  • And now I have Kenni that P and G in my files. So if I choose an image view from here and placed his image view in my great layout here as you can see inside grid layout and see if you're putting it inside the layout or outside K or you can just put it in here and choose. Can make. 


Now how can we in our grid layout so you can see it's placed under the degree laid out in the complementary as well. But I think it's too big. We have to just make it a little bit smaller K so choose this and rather than here lay out the width and Lael layout height you can see you can change it to a fixed width K like hundred DP or hundred DP or you can choose in either fixed with as well. 

So it has to be tree by tree. So I think it's OK and I think it will fit. Maybe we can just adjust its size a little bit like a hundred and twenty DP. Two hundred and ten. DP Yeah I think it will look better this time but if it doesn't I won't. We will change it later on. OK. So now we're ready to work with python coaching in Delhi right. And if you remember it is easy to work with grid layouts within the text editor.

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