Pros and Cons of Gray Metal Roof and Siding Color Combinations

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When a house or business needs a new metal roof, the gray metal roof and siding color combinations one thing to consider. When it comes to a metal roof's color, several options are available. The color picked will make a big difference in how the building looks and feels.

As metal roofing gets increasingly popular, more and more people want to know how to choose a color. As long as your homeowner's association lets you, you can do well with almost any rainbow color. This guide will help you choose the optimum metal roof color for energy savings or a gray metal roof and siding color blend.

Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

Numerous factors make a metal roof a wise decision. We've outlined a few of the numerous benefits of considering a metal roof, but there are other considerations as well:


The Lifespan of a Metal Roof Is Long

It is among the primary considerations when acquiring a metal roof. A properly placed metal roof can last as long as your house. Metal roofs typically last 40 years, although they can survive longer.

Better at Shedding Snow and Rain

Metal roofs are textured to shed rain and snow better than conventional roofing materials. And a well-installed metal roof doesn't let rain or snow in, so the chances of leaks are also very low.

High Durability and Mold Resistance

One of the most well-known things about metal is that it lasts a long time. Metal roofs won't break but will grow and shrink as temperatures change. A properly cleaned metal roof won't rust either, and mold, mildew, and moss don't like to grow on metal.

Recyclable, Eco-Friendly, and Energy-Efficient

Metal roofs are a better choice for the environment than standard asphalt shingles. Metal is not made from oil; metal roofs last much longer than asphalt shingles. New metal roofs are made with at least some recovered materials and can be recycled repeatedly. 

Unique Look

Consider the appearance and sound of a metal roof as well. Metal roofs offer a distinctive appearance that might improve the outside appearance of your house. Some metal roofs can even look like other types of roofs, like wood shakes or tiles, if that's what you want.


Metal Roofs Are Expensive

Metal roofing supplies and labor cost more than shingles, one of the main factors consumers evaluate when choosing a roofing type. Metal roofs outlive numerous shingle roofs, although they cost more upfront. You only have to determine if a quality metal roof that may last a lifetime is worth it.

Metal Roofing Can Dent

Metal is a very strong material that lasts a long time. However, since metal can be bent, big hail or heavy trees can dent it. The kind of metal you select will impact some of this. Aluminum and copper are softer and more likely to get dents, but steel is much harder and less likely to get dents.

Colors Don't Always Match Up

If you ever need to fix your metal roof or decide to add to your home later, it can take time to find a gray metal roof and siding color combinations that match the one you already have.

Considerations for Repair

A well-made and fixed metal roof is made to last, but if it gets damaged, it can be harder to fix than other types of roofs. When metal roofing is put on in big panels, it can be harder to replace than a few broken shingles.


Some people find it relaxing to hear the rain on a metal roof, but others may find a metal roof too loud or noisy during a storm. Even though noise during construction can be reduced, remember that a metal roof might be loud.

What You Must Know About Metal Roofs

This post will discuss the gray metal roof and siding color combinations to help you help customers choose the perfect color for their home or company. 

Quality of the Paint

Paint quality is a major impact on roof color. For example, if high-quality paint is used, the roof will stand up to the weather a little better and look new and fresh for many years. It's important to use paint treated with a special acrylic resin that blocks ultraviolet light. It will help stop the paint from peeling too soon, rusting, corroding, fading, and letting water in.

Selection of Colors

The metal siding color combinations will significantly impact the structure's design and appearance. In addition to this, the color can also change how much sunlight is reflected. When choosing colors, consider other factors.

For instance, brighter colors tend to fade faster than other colors. The material may also have an impact on color. Copper roofs, for example, will turn a completely different color as the metal reacts with oxygen in the air. 

The Color Effects

How you want the building or home to look will also greatly impact the color you choose. For example, if the metal roof and siding color combinations differ, their house will stand out more. Complementary colors, on the other hand, create a more classic look and feel. Some people also like the look of bare metal, which is very modern.

When picking a color for a metal roof, there are many things to consider. Before choosing a color, the most important thing is for the customer to think about every part of the choice.

When Is It Right to Use Light or Dark Colors?

If your house is small and round but has a lot of roofs for its size, brighter colors are a great choice. Here's a bad example that shows what I mean. Think about a country house or a one-story home with a slope of 10/12. The steep rise makes a tall roof with a lot of metal or surface that can be seen from the road.

If the top is darker, the house will look too heavy. The roof will take up most of the space, which differs from what you want. If the roof is lighter, it will look better with the house.

You can see a lot of flat land from the street. White or light colors will make a modest roof slope (4/12 or 6/12) look excessively small. The roof and house will look better when they are both a middle or dark color.

Light metal roof colors are best for ranch homes and other small homes with roofs that drop moderately and steeply. They also work well on bigger houses with steeper roofs and two or more stories.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right gray metal roof and siding color combinations can be hard. If your bricks or stone have gray or green spots, your roof should be the same color. You can also use the same accent color as the window, door, or frame. 

Choosing the right gray metal roof and siding color choices depends on who you hire to do the job and where your building is. Always hire experienced roofers who have worked not only with metal roofing but also with the type of metal you want to use on your next job. Visit QDRUSA to learn more and get a free quote!

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