Projector Lamps and All about Them- The Guide

by Aussie Lamp Centre Lamp Specialists

The purchase of a projector lamp is some really tough work and involves a lot more than you can actually think of but with little information and knowledge you can always choose the best for you. The work even increases when buying 3m projector lamps considering that they are always available in an extensive range of options.

Considering this, whether you are buying OEM projector lamps or compatible replacement projector lamps, you deserve the lamp that will perfectly meet your requirements and offer you the value for the money you spent on it. While the original projector lamps are highly recommended, they can still be expensive, so people end up considering compatible lamps that serve the needs of the projectors. As long as you buy the right projector lamp, you will definitely save you some time and money.

However, there are certain things that still need to be considered before choosing and also when operating the projector lamps. Mentioned below are some of these very important points that require your consideration.

Tips to Consider When Buying Projector Lamps

Tip 1 – The first and the most important thing is to be cautious with the companies that offer projector lamps without housing. Remember plastic housing is not only considered to be the safest for the bulbs and performance measure but it also reduces the damage risks that might occur. It is important that you understand the fact that reliable sell lamps as bulbs without plastic housing, so make sure you always go for those lamps that have proper housing.

Tip 2 – Next thing up in line that needs to be considered is that when you’re buying a compatible projector lamp, you must ensure that it will definitely fit into the projector. Further, it is also important to make sure that the compatible lamp you’re buying comes with some good warranty period. Be wary of the manufacturers that seem to be promising a lot more than they can actually deliver – this points needs to be considered especially when you’re selling the compatible projector lamps because more often than not the lamps do not live up to people’s expectations.

Tip 3 – Another tip about buying projector lamps is ensuring that your products is properly marked or labelled with manufacturer details. The original lamps should have clear and right manufacturer logos on them, whereas the counterfeit products may lack these important indicators and are mostly available in plain brown or white boxes. Since you need to buy only original projector lamps it is important to buy the ones with stamped codes on them in order to clearly identify the company; understand that a lack of code on your lamp could actually be an indicator of a false product.

Tips to Consider when Using Projector Lamps

Just like in the case when you are required to follow certain tips before buying the projector lamps, there are also things that you need to consider when using these lamps. Here are some of the very important ones mentioned for your information -

Tip 1 – The first and the foremost thing to consider when using a projector lamp is using your projector such that is does not overheat. The thing to understand is the lamp failure often results from excessive temperature stress.

Tip 2 – After powering the lamp down, always give it time to cool down completely (or at least for a minimum of 10 minutes). This is an important point worth the consideration because the lamp remains susceptible to damage when in hot state. You should also ensure that you do not move the projector especially when the lamp is on.

Tip 3 – In order to disperse the excess heat properly, make sure that there is enough space around the projector exhaust or the fan.

Tip 4 – Try as much to make use of the projector in an environment that is dust-free and clean so that there are minimal chances of clogging in air filters and fans. Further, it is a very good idea that you have the air filters cleaned on a regular basis for further improved performance of the projector.

Tip 5 – It is advisable that you never leave the projector in an environment that is either too cold or too hot – this is because the conditions can be extremely damaging and may even cost you in the process.

Considering these points mentioned above is a very important thing in order to have properly functioning projectors as well as projector lamps. Also, if you are planning to invest on 3m projector lamps, then make sure you do enough research about the projector lamps to develop an understanding of the brands and the functioning of the lamps.

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