Product Packaging Boxes Ideas For 2022

by Jeneva Jordan Dodo Packaging

In case you are starting a new line of products and are looking for the perfect packaging boxes, here are some ideas to help you make your first packaging decisions. Hand-drawn elements, geometric themes, and digital printing are just a few ideas to spark your creativity. Ultimately, your products' packaging will represent your brand, so make sure you pick a design you are happy with. Here are some of the top trends for the year 2022.

Simple yet geometric themes

Simple geometric themes will be major trends for product packaging boxes in 2022. This trend is characterized by minimal lines and precise angles and conveys the brand's core value to consumers. Simple geometric themes will contrast with illustrations to give consumers a peek into the product's qualities. Ultimately, this trend is both effective and productive for brands. Below are a few themes that you can use for product packaging boxes in 2022.

For instance, in the year 2022, designers will focus on using little geometric patterns and images to indicate the contents. This is a step in a direction away from the traditional cartoon-like style. In addition to geometric patterns, 2022 packaging will feature abstract and artistic reproductions of objects. A chip manufacturer could use a triangular model, which suggests tortilla chips. A similar approach can be used in packaging for other products, such as jewelry.

Hand-drawn elements

The future of product packaging boxes Australia will be replete with hand-drawn elements. Many of these designs will be abstract and seem like they were hand-drawn. They are not necessarily meant to convey a full message, but their erratic, colorful designs will likely make buyers feel happy and engaged with the product. Here are some examples of product packaging boxes ideas for 2022 that include hand-drawn elements.

The trend for hand-drawn elements on product packaging boxes is reminiscent of an Aboriginal artist's abstract design. While the style is still evolving, the underlying trend is clear. Sharp angles and soaring lettering are popular elements in this trend. These design elements help consumers get a taste of what's inside without having to read a whole book to learn about the product. One-color packaging is also common, making a bold, confident brand stand out.


If you're looking for packaging designs that are going to be relevant in 2022, consider minimalism in product packaging boxes. This simple, classy style will make it easier for consumers to identify a product and the brand that sells it. Keeping packaging design simple doesn't mean making it boring, however; it means eliminating unnecessary components to focus on the product and brand message. This style is a result of careful color, shape, and font selection.

Minimalism is one of the biggest trends in design and will continue to be popular through 2022. This type of design has been shown to draw consumers and keep their attention. The key is to find the right balance between functionality and aesthetics in product packaging boxes. These designs should be both eye-catching and functional, to deliver on the brand promise. Here are some ideas for minimalist product packaging boxes. These ideas can help you design products that will attract consumers and generate sales.

In addition to minimalism, another trend that will continue to be popular in product packaging boxes is intricacy. Intricate designs can be very effective when they are managed tastefully. They can draw the eye of a consumer and encourage them to process the packaging's design elements. Moreover, this design style is a great choice for luxury products that need a high level of protection and aesthetic appeal.

Another design trend in custom product packaging is the use of pastel colors. These colors are a great counterpoint to bold or explosive packaging. Besides being more aesthetically pleasing, pastel colors are easy on the eyes and the mind. They can also be used to incorporate any type of message. You can also include a logo and barcode on the package. The best thing about using minimalism in packaging is that it can still be effective.

Digital printing

As the internet grows increasingly popular, more companies are turning to digital printing for their product packaging. This technique allows companies to produce small batches of a single design, such as a single-colour or a limited edition of the same product. These digitally printed boxes are ideal for promoting loyalty schemes and encouraging social sharing. Consumers have become increasingly accustomed to documenting their product unboxing experiences. YouTube has entire channels dedicated to product reviews.

The growth of the Digital Printing Packaging Market will be driven by two main trends: convenience and sustainability. With busy lifestyles and smaller home units, consumers are increasingly looking for products that are easy to use and convenient. Convenient packaging fits this trend. Whether a consumer wants to take a coffee on the go or grab a snack on the way to work, convenient packaging is an essential part of modern life. This trend is also being applied to prescription and personal care products.

Creative and innovative product packaging Australia is a powerful tool for creating an unforgettable consumer experience. Using digital printing, brands can create unique and memorable packaging to engage and connect with consumers on a more personalized level. Digital printing also minimizes the impact of a company on the environment. There are no plate setups or extra labeling procedures, and digital printing is less expensive than offset printing. In addition to reducing environmental impact, digital printing allows for fast turnaround times.

The evolution of the digital world is impacting every part of the product packaging industry. From the design of a packaging box to the contents, new technologies are changing everything about the industry. For example, digital printing is the primary method of designing physical product packaging. It creates images that influence every part of today's packaging. And the digital world is only getting more popular. If you want to make a lasting impression on consumers, it is vital to incorporate the latest digital technologies into your business strategy.


As the global consumer trend increases, so do the opportunities for personalization in product packaging. In the past decade, personalized packaging has gained momentum across the industry, and the trend is only expected to continue. Some top brands have already begun to experiment with it. Approximately 70% of marketers believe that personalization has a strong impact on consumers. For product brands, personalized packaging offers an opportunity to promote the name and brand, while making a personal connection with customers.

While personalization can be a good way to establish a personal connection with customers, it is also a big step to take before implementing it on a large scale. Research has shown that personalized packaging has a significant impact on purchase decisions, and that consumers prefer to buy products that are personalized based on their preferences. In addition to personalized packaging, it also gives brands the opportunity to tweak products for specific markets and conduct A/B testing before implementing new packaging ideas.

Custom packaging Australia can tell a story about the company, and create a deeper emotional connection with the customers. It allows a business to engage with customers on an individual level, making the offer more appealing. By personalizing the packaging for a product, a business can create a positive experience and boost revenue. Personalized packaging can help a brand stand out from the competition, and create an emotional connection with customers.

The first step to planning a web-to-pack project is to choose the most efficient interface. A poorly designed interface can result in a poor customer experience, so you want to ensure that the design editor makes the entire process as simple as possible for your customers. For some companies, hiring a professional packaging designer is not an option, and they may not be happy with the results. This is why using a software solution that has built-in editor features can be beneficial.

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