Product Image Editing Services to expect while Outsourcing

by Anupam Rajey Virtual Assistant Services

A picture speaks louder than words; no doubt this is completely true.

And when it comes to an e-commerce business nothing can be more important than the images.

Appearance really matters and has a huge impact on our decisions.

For instance, many times people prefer to enter those apparel outlets which look good from the outside.

Obviously, this is because it catches the immediate attention of the people walking around.

Similarly, in the case of e-commerce stores, this job is carried by the images.

Only the quality of images either makes a user happy or makes him annoyed.

Therefore, there is a special significance of the images in an e-commerce business.

Not only the quality images influence the buyers but also make them purchase it.

Website visitors cannot touch and feel the e-commerce products.

So, you have to give them a reason to buy the products from an online store.

And this can be easily done using the quality images.

No matter how good you are at photography… but perfect click just in one go is something impossible.

Every image needs some kind of editing to make it look perfect.

Before the images are made ready to go live on the portal and make their way in the product listing, a lot of editing is required.

The changes may be related to background, resizing, cropping, color defects, sharpness, brightness, etc.

There can be numerous pictures lined up for editing and to do so, a lot of time and expertise is required.

Not necessary that every venture has that much time and manpower to perform the task.

No worries…even in this case.

As you have the option of outsourcing product Image editing services.

Images editing services will not only help you save a lot of time but also to get it done with expertise.

Being the professionals, they are well-versed with every need for image editing.

Consequently, they can serve you with the tailor-made image editing solutions as per your requirement.

Now let’s have a sneak-peak of the image editing services offered:

Photo Enhancement:

Have you ever noticed that the images used by the e-commerce portals are just striking?

These pictures simply mesmerize you as if you have the real product in front of you rather than merely a picture.

Well…this all has become possible due to product image editing services.

A lot of time and effort is invested to make the images spriteful.

Their efforts include balancing the image color and contrast along with the brightness and background adjustment to enhance the overall look.

Also, they work on removing the unnecessary elements from the pictures to bring the dull and boring picture back to life.

Shadow Effect Image Editing:

Even the flat images can be made more interesting with the photo editing services.

Shadow effect in the images is a good option to add depth in the picture.

White image against the white background encounters lack of proper visibility; here shadow effect works for the images.

This will help to distinguish the product.

Shadow will make the images look more real and give the feel to the users as if they are looking at the real product.

Qualitative images always enhance the users’ experience.

Consequently, you experience increase in your sales and revenue.

Image Masking:

Every image has some important and unimportant portions.

This generates the need for highlighting and hiding certain portions in a picture.

This is where the Image masking technique comes into the picture.

Image masking technique will help you with the hazy backgrounds, unwanted hairs, blurred edges, unwanted feathers, etc.

This way your picture can come up with a real life appearance in an image.

Layer masking, Translucent Image Masking, Alpha Channel Masking, Collage masking, etc. are few image masking techniques used as per the clients’ requirement.

Background Correction:

The background is the most vital part of an image and needs special care to be taken care of.

When an image is clicked, not necessary that it holds a perfect background as you wanted.

Therefore, to make a picture perfect, the background needs to be corrected or changed.

The experts can not only help with the background color of your choice but can also remove it finely without changing the actual image.

Background of the image can really enhance its overall appearance, making it more attractive.

Ghost Mannequin:

Mannequins have proved to be a boon for the apparel and accessories sellers.

It gives a proper idea about the style, fit and appearance of the product.

But arranging a real model or mannequin and then styling it is really a time consuming and expensive task.

Image editing services can help you in this concern also.

As, the editing experts are capable of creating invisible mannequin to give the complete idea of fit, style, and looks.

Whatever your requirement is, whether it is the complete mannequin, upper body or lower body, they can create a ghost mannequin to suit your needs.

Resizing or Batch processing:

Size, dimension, resolution, etc. are few very important aspects of an image.

E-commerce businesses generally need images in bulk and if done one by one it will consume a lot of time.

Product image editing services offers image resizing and processing in bulk.

Image editors are loaded with software and tools to resize large quantities of images using batch files.

In this way, the speed and efficiency of an e-commerce business will not be hampered

Color Variation:

Apparel industries have the need for color variation editing every now and then.

If a firm is having apparel available in multiple colors, then they have to shoot in each color.

This will obviously call for more investment and time.

But the photo editing services makes it viable to present the apparel in different color variations without opting for the photo shoot.

This will, Of course, save a lot of time and money.

How outsourcing image editing services can be beneficial?

Nothing can be better than outsourcing the image editing services in terms of quality.

This is an effective means to get the image work done by the skilled and expert editors.

On the other hand, it will save a lot of time and money- this is where you can encounter why expertise in work matters.

Check out some benefits of outsourcing image editing services:

• Experience expertise in image work

• Less Turnaround Time (TAT)

• Enhanced efficiency

• Outstanding Customer Support

• Efficient work using the latest tools and image editing software

• Flexible Pricing with Free Trial

No doubt, there are thousands of image editing service providers ruling the market.

But which one is the best, you need to find out to get the best work done.

So, it better to research and be cautious while choosing your outsourcing partner.

Check out their reviews, experience, reputation and previous work done.

This will aid you to take the right decision, choose the best and earn more.


About Anupam Rajey(Author):

Anupam Rajey is a seasoned marketer and a sales expert. He is the CEO of Acelerar Tech, a leading KPO that offers Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services.

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