Problems that are easy to meet with stainless steel pipe cutting

by yane Yang Sales Manager

When cutting stainless steel pipe or the groove is easy to produce defects, because of the use of oxygen acetylene flame cutting speed is too fast, or when heated, or placed directly on coke three through holes with oxygen acetylene flame, or reducers site fell system, which will directly lead to problems in the use of stainless steel pipe.

So what are the detailed causes of the above problems? Through actual analysis, if the stainless steel pipe is cut or opened by oxygen block flame, it will also form chromium oxide with high melting point. It is difficult to cut off and the open hole forming is not good. The second is that the cutting speed of the bevel is too fast to destroy the tool. Third is that the stainless steel pipe after heating directly to the coke will lead to carbon increase. In addition, the field wrestling of the pipe will also be heated, which will directly affect the use of the stainless steel pipe.

It is because of the high toughness and hardness of stainless steel and the tendency to form a cold hard place in the area of cutting. Therefore, the stainless steel pipe does not use oxygen acetylene flame for cutting, preventing the formation of refractory chromium oxide.

When the stainless steel pipe to be processed into pipe, usually use heat can also use cold Mie Mie, tubular. For MIE bending pipe material to be the same, and straight pipe installed, and can not use the negative tolerance of pipe bending mie.

Because the stainless steel pipe heat Mie temperature control requires high heat after heat treatment of Mie to do so, not hot Mie law to be applicable in small diameter stainless steel tube. Small diameter stainless steel tube was surprised mostly in the flame bending machine, bending radius should not be less than 3.5 times the diameter of the.

When a small diameter stainless steel pipe is used in cold bending, the pipe is usually carried out on a manual or electric or hydraulic pipe bending machine. In order to reduce the ellipticity of the bend, the pipe should also be sands in the pipe and then bend when the pipe is bent.

In addition the stainless steel pipe groove requirements the main points, the first is to use the electric stainless steel pipe beveling machine, manual for groove processing machinery for cutting speed; stainless steel pipes usually made of carbon steel 40%-60% tools have made of high-speed steel or hard alloy steel; stainless steel pipe should be made in the hole, usually is drilling with drilling machine, milling machine, boring machine etc..

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