Probiotics for Psoriasis Treatment: Does It Work?

by Sanzyme Biologics Probiotic Manufacturers

Probiotics help the body by feeding the good bacteria present in the gut. Healthy microorganisms support the immune system's functioning, which can control the symptoms of chronic conditions like Psoriasis.

Psoriasis is actually an autoimmune disease that can cause the immune system to attack healthy cells. Some researchers believe that probiotics can have a positive impact on controlling and even preventing, chronic inflammation which is caused because of psoriasis.

How do Probiotics Work for the Treatment of Psoriasis?

People who have psoriasis have higher amounts of inflammation caused by the presence of bacteria in the intestines. When you add beneficial bacteria to the diet, it might balance your intestine’s bacterial mix. It is because probiotics can stimulate the body’s T cells. The T cells are also responsible for regulating the immune system, and they can also reduce inflammation.

Some earlier research has shown that probiotics can help to improve other illnesses among people with:

a)      Diarrhea

b)      IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome

c)      Vaginal or Urinary Tract Infections

d)      Rheumatoid Arthritis

What is the Link Between Gut Bacteria and Psoriasis?

The human body has trillions of microbes present which are also known as the human microbiota. The term microbiome also refers to the genetic material through which these microbes are actually made of.

The microbiota in humans is highly diverse, and it even plays a key role in maintaining health. Microbes affect how the body defends germs, controls the immune system or its activity, and digests food. The microbiota can even influence mood as well as psychological processes.

Another evidence suggests that an imbalance in the gut bacteria or gastrointestinal dysbiosis can cause psoriasis and other inflammatory diseases.

A study in 2015 shows that people who have psoriasis have less diversity in their gut microbiota than any other healthy individuals. Another study in 2018 found that increased diversity can reduce the stability of the skin’s microbiome among people with psoriasis.

Considering the important role that microbes play in maintaining human health, it is not surprising that imbalances in the microbiota can lead to irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel diseases, and obesity.

Probiotic bacillus subtilis is known as a gram-positive and catalase-positive bacteria. It can be found in soil and even in the gastrointestinal tract of humans. This bacterium can help activate some specific antibodies like interferons and cytokines that can help white blood cells fight infections. Some species of Probiotic bacillus subtilis have also been effective in protecting gut infections like diarrhea and controlling irritable bowel syndrome.

According to probiotics manufacturers, numerous health benefits are linked to consuming probiotics. However, many related side effects can affect a percentage of the population. Let us check out some of the side effects of using probiotics:

  • Probiotics can cause unpleasant digestive symptoms.

  • Probiotic foods can sometimes trigger headaches.

  • Probiotics can increase infection risk.

  • Probiotic strains can increase histamine levels.

Probiotic bacillus coagulans are commonly considered to be beneficial and effective when consumed in regulated amounts. Although it is mostly utilized in dairy products, it can also be found in different commercial food items, for example, fermented meats, grains, fruit juices, baby food, and frozen yogurts. Probiotic foods utilize Bacillus coagulans as resistance to heat treatment and gastrointestinal problems. Bacillus coagulans have recently attracted a lot of attention from scientists, researchers, and food manufacturers. Also, an enormous number of studies have been completed on the low-cost microbial production of lactic acid and different compounds of Bacillus coagulans which can be utilized in the production of food.

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