Primary Benefits of Pilates

by Mike B. NLP Trainer

Before starting a workout program, I sit down with each new client and ask them what their goals are, and what they are looking for in a Pilates program.

Some people want to look like the movie stars and rock stars that do Pilates.  

Others have friends that have had great results from doing Pilates and want the same results. Some want to find an alternative way to treat their anxiety through pilates. The answer I'm looking for is, "I want to feel better."

People with injuries and chronic pain find relief with regular Pilates exercise.  Most injuries are caused by misalignments of the body, beginning with the feet. The feet are the foundation of the body.  How we stand is important to the proper functioning of the

rest of the body.  

Many foot and ankle weaknesses show up in the footwork that is

performed on the Pilates equipment.  

People get hooked on Pilates because no matter the emotional or physical state when they enter the studio, it is always improved by the end of their session.  In one class, a client stated out loud that she couldn’t believe how relaxed she was, even though her body was working out hard.  One client even said it was the only treatment she could find the curb the effects of her menopause.

Pilates grows a deeper awareness of the body.  It teaches you how to feel and connect intimately with your body through breath and movements.  It is the focus, awareness, breathwork, centering, and control. Very few of us realize, for example, that the lift of the ribcage or the tilt of the pelvis affects the alignment of the spine.  Pilates teaches stabilization of these areas so the arms and legs move freely and painlessly around them.

Many people who are under stress wear their shoulders up into the ears. This is done unconsciously but creates neck and shoulder pain. Holding a phone between the ear and shoulder can create severe pain.  Reaching the head forward to food while eating instead of bringing the food to you creates neck problems.   

The head can feel as if it weighs as much as 30 lbs if it is too far forward or too far back.  When properly aligned, the head feels as if it is floating on top of the body, weighing only 8 to 10 lbs.  Many of these

postural habits can be relearned, and are a part of retraining the body.  

With all of the focus and concentration in a workout, Pilates clients are often amazed that the hour is over so soon.  Even though the focus is on feeling better, there are many other positive results including flat abdominals, a strong core, and a lean, toned body.

There is also the ability to move better, and become more agile and flexible.  

Recently a 60-something woman smiled as she told me the story of how her player piano wasn’t working. She was on the phone with the company when they asked her for the product number.

Without thinking, she climbed under the piano and turned upside down to obtain it.

Her husband walked into the room and was very surprised to see that she could maneuver into such a position.  When she first started Pilates she could barely make it onto the equipment without labored breathing and uncontrolled movements.  Her goal when starting was just to walk through the airport without a wheelchair.  This year while on vacation she was pushing her husband to the next gate.  What a success story.

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