Prevent Liver Transplant: Have a Healthy Liver with Ayurveda

by Purva Mishra Ayurvedic Medicine

Liver is an important part of the digestive and metabolic system. According to the Vedas, liver is named as “Takima” or “Yakna”, or Kalakhanda, Jyotisthana, Yakritkhanda, Yakritpinda, Raktadhara and Raktashaya. Liver is called engine of the body, and involved in digestion, metabolism and secretion of essential compounds for keeping the body healthy. In Ayurveda, live has been reported to convert Rasa Dhatu (clear plasma) to RaktaDhatu (blood), scan and identify toxins in the Rasa Dhatu and store them so that the purity of the blood is maintained by keeping away the impurities from mixing with the blood. The problems that hamper the normal functioning of liver cause liver disorder and can be treated with Ayurvedic medicine for liver cleansing when diagnosed in time. 

 Healthy Liver with Ayurveda

The liver brings normal growth and development, impacts fertility, maintains cardiovascular conditions and bone integrity. Thus, a healthy liver is very important for overall health. Occurrence of liver diseases can be attributed to the fact that we are frequently in contact with chemicals, environmental pollutants, smoking, consumption of alcohol, and several medicines that we take etc. which have increased dangers to the liver. Liver, whose function is to detoxify our body, now has a lot of stress due to overwork. Excessive intake of alcohol may lead to fatty liver and Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C infections.  Liver disorders, liver cirrhosis get even complicated with jaundice, ascites, swollen feet and brain infection which involves expensive medicine and liver transplant procedures. Before undergoing all that trouble, you can think of Ayurvedic medicines.

According to Ayurveda, several bioactive molecules found in Ayurvedic medicines protect liver from oxidative stress, eliminate viral load, inhibit fibrogenesis, stimulate liver cell regeneration and boost our immune system. Undoubtedly, one can consult experts and rely on Ayurveda for liver problems. Liver is mainly responsible for circulation of pure blood (Raktavaha Srota mula) and ‘Pitta’ is believed to be the impurities of blood (Rakta). Thus, line of treatment adopted for the liver problems is to pacify the Pitta Dosa in our body for which Raktavaha srota gata rogas are applied. 

ayurvedic medicine for liver

Like a traditional Ayurvedic center, the best ayurvedic medicine for liver problems at Marma Ayurveda are made from extracts of the plants which are commonly called ‘pittashamak’ herbs. Silybum marianum is currently the plant which is being widely studied for treatment of liver diseases. Also, the extracts from roots of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi, Glycyrrhiza glabra L., Bupleurum falcatum L., Picrorhiza kurroa Royle, Tephrosia purpurea and Panax ginseng are effective against liver problems. Fruit of pippali (Piper longum Linn.), a traditional herb in Ayurveda is used for curing liver disorder. Kalaka SF Syrup is an excellent Ayurvedic medicine made at Marma Ayurveda for liver cleansing after thorough research on herbal extracts to give the perfect liver syrup. It stimulates filtering and cleansing of blood while removing all toxic chemicals from the body. For optimum liver functioning, Kalaka Syrup stimulates growth of new liver cells, prevents fatal liver conditions, regulates bile secretion, helps cure jaundice and prevents liver cirrhosis.

Ayurvedic treatment for fatty liver is done by a medicinal combination that includes a mixture of Triphalā (Haritaki, Vibhitaki and Amla), Pippali and Guggulu. The treatment at Parijatak Ayurveda involves the practice of strict diet plan and certain behavioral restrictions which is recommended by the experts. The outcome of a combined effect of Shodhana and Rasayana therapies is just amazing. Other therapies that are given by the experts for liver disorders are oleation, fomentation, purgation, Niruha Basti, and Anuvasana Basti, as of which is suitable to the patient’s health.

Nothing, a good advice and treatment given by Ayurveda experts can cure liver disorders and prevent liver transplant (if not an extremely critical case). Trust Ayurveda and call Marma Ayurveda for expert solution for your healthcare.

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