Pregnancy in Elderly Mothers: Things You Need to Know

by Dr Deepti Asthana Best Gynae, Gynecologist in Gurgaon

Over the past few decades, the average age of women becoming mothers has increased in India. Advanced age pregnancy is a term used to describe a pregnancy in women over the age of 35 or after it. Women adopt late pregnancy due to various reasons, such as women becoming career-oriented, financial concerns, and settling down later in life.Loss of single child is also becoming one of the reasons for pregnancies in late ages for mothers. More recently a famous Punjabi singer's mother became pregnant after the singer died at a young age. 

Women extending their maternal age face problems conceiving naturally compared to younger women. However, the advancement in medical technologies like in vitro fertilization has empowered couples to postpone family planning until later in life. Still, late pregnancy has potential hazards, can impact fertility, and elevate the chances of complicated delivery during childbirth. 

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Is Pregnancy at Advanced Maternal Age High Risk?

As described earlier, due to the evolution of technologies, it is easy and safe to conceive even after the age of 35 as long as you’re menstruating. However, those who are conceiving after the age of 35 to 40 are at higher risk of developing certain complications during pregnancy. In such cases, the doctor usually monitors the expectant mother and baby for the following reasons.

  • High blood pressure can strain various organs and ultimately lead to other health complications like early C-section delivery, stroke, and fluid build-up in the lungs. 

  • Preeclampsia, a type of high blood pressure, gives rise to different health issues, including swelling, protein in the urine, continuous headache, and blurred vision.

  • Gestational diabetes occurs when there is an excess of sugar in your bloodstream. It is a kind of diabetes that develops during the pregnancy process without having a previous history. It complicates the delivery process and leads to a C-section.

Does Age Affect Your Fertility?

As discussed, it is hard to conceive naturally after an age. This is because fewer eggs are left to fertilize, and they are primarily of low quality.

However, medical advancements have opened the door of happiness for couples who have waited long to have children. Below are the essential options:

  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

  • Freezing Eggs 

  • Surrogacy

  • Sperm banks

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