Precautions to Take to Stay Safe On Social Media

by John Martin Engineer
Social media is both a boon and a bane. Have you ever wondered how many people do you really know on your friend list? Ever thought of how many unknown people are there on your friend list. And that’s where the risk of cybercrime increases. Social media sites can be fun and entertaining. But it has its pros and cons. And most of us do not realise its negative aspects.
Undoubtedly social media has become an integral part of our lives. While it is a good way to stay in touch with others, on the other hand, it can be dangerous to share our info on these social media platforms. And that is why we always are advised to stay alert and cautious while sharing information on these online platforms. This article will let you know the ways and the best tips to stay safe while using various social networking sites. Let’s go through the full article to understand how you can keep yourselves safe and secure on social networking sites.
The Best Security And Safety Tips for Social Media
Now, it has become a trend to share every moment of our life on social media. But how safe is that? You never know, besides your friends, how many unknown people are watching your everyday activity on social media. So it becomes even more necessary to take some precautions to stay safe while browsing these online social networking sites. Without wasting time, let’s head towards the precautions to take to keep ourselves safe and secure on social media.
Secure Your Profile Account by Privatising Your Profile
Every social networking site like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram provides an option to every user to set their profile on public/private mode as per their choice. But it’s always a better alternative to secure your profile by placing it on the privacy mode to prevent any wrongdoing. Because setting your profile on public mode is best for promoting your business organisations. Like when you are promoting any brand or any campaign, then you can set your profile on publicly. A private account is much safer than a public account. It’s entirely up to you who you want to connect with- your friends and family, known groups or some random unknown person that can prove to be dangerous for you.
Careful While Sharing Your Personal Information
This is one of the most crucial steps to consider to avoid the risk of cybercrime. Because this is one of the main reasons that lead to cybercrime, like online theft and identity theft. I urge everyone to be very careful while sharing your personal information online. Do not share information like your birthdays, your place of work, your everyday schedule, or phone number. And anyway your real friends will know your birthdays or the phone number that you use to talk to them every day. So what’s the need for posting these pieces of information online. It’s best to avoid the chances of these unfortunate events by not posting your personal information.
Don’t Let Anyone Tag You In Their Posts
Tagging your friends in your posts has become a common activity now. You might have set your profile on private mode. But your friends might have not. It’s not essential to share stuff like with whom you are partying, or touring. Because not everyone can be your friend. By not allowing others to tag you in their posts, you can protect and maintain your privacy. All the social networking sites provide a feature to the users through which they can decide who can tag them and who cannot. Users can disable the tagging option on any particular social networking app that they use by visiting the privacy and security settings of the app.
Don’t Share Your Location
This is the most common mistake that most of the people usually make. We can’t even realise how harmful it might be to share our location information on social media. Considering their safety, one should be careful while sharing their personal details like location and number with friends and followers. It can increase the risk of identity theft or fraud. Because, you never know, who that person is behind that profile picture. That might be dangerous. So, it is better to never share your location with anyone who can target you for their personal interest. And make sure to visit the app and check if they access your device location and if they do, disable that option.
Use Strong Passwords
Most of us usually set the most accessible passwords that we can easily remember. I know managing multiple passwords can be hassling. But using strong passwords is the need of time. Setting a strong password would prevent others from accessing our information. And make sure not to store your passwords in the web browser. Keep changing your password after every 2-3 months. For managing multiple passwords, there are a lot of password manager tools that will store your password and login information. You can take the help of these password manager tools and download any of them on the store. Always set long and complex passwords.
Beware of the Fake Friend Requests
We all receive a lot of friend requests on social networking sites on a daily basis. Have you ever received a friend request from a person that was already added on your friend list? If yes, then probably your friend’s account might have been compromised. And that‘s the time when you should consider to double-check your friends and followers list before accepting their requests. Because that fake person can use your friend’s photos and other information from their real accounts to trick you.
So, these were some of the precautions that everyone must consider while browsing social sites and sharing their information.

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