Practice Best Makeup Remover Tips for Fresh And Glowing Skin

by Rohini Gupta Makeup Lover
Everyone loves to apply makeup to look beautiful. Makeup changes your look and makes you feel happy and confident. A simple kajal and liner can bring an alluring change. Some people may be habitual to makeup, some apply it occasionally and some may use a few makeup products.

Everyone wants to look fresh and start afresh in the morning. Want to wake up with glowing, gleaming and healthy skin? Prefer removing your makeup before going to bed. You do your skin the ultimate favour by taking off your makeup.

Sleeping with the face fancied with makeup can lead to dry skin, acne, and wrinkles. The applied eye makeup which is left unclean can cause its own set of problems including eye infections, irritation, and broken eyelashes.

Many ladies may feel lazy and avoid removing the layer they are wearing but remember removing your makeup before going to bed is a skin care necessity. It is something which can’t be overseen.

Here are some of the best makeup remover tips from makeup experts.

- Break down Your Makeup with Cleanser: For light makeup, cleanser sounds the best removal technique. Cleansers are sufficient to take off foundation and blush. Massage the cleanser well all over your face and wipe it with a wet, clean cotton cloth. Keep scrubbing until foundation removes away completely.

- Be gentle with your skin: Never leave your skin dehydrated, and always be gentle with your skin while removing makeup. Gently massage your skin the cleansing oil and use Avon makeup remover wipes to clean off the extra makeup.

- Steam Heat: Yes you read that right. Steam is also one of the makeup remover techniques. Fill a bowl with hot water and dip your face for a minute or two. Avoid using extreme hot or boiling water. The steam of the hot water will loosen your pores and helps in makeup removal. For soothing vibes, you can also add a drop of lavender essential oil.

- Your eyes also need attention: Eye makeup is generally done by every female, and its removal may be a bit hard. As the skin around the eyes is sensitive so don’t hook over harsh methods of removal. Be gentle while cleaning your eyes. Use a cotton pad or Avon face and eye makeup remover wipes.

- Get rid of the excess oil: Once you have removed your eye makeup, make sure to remove the extra bits of makeup left, if any. This final removal prevents your eyes from getting those circles and makes your skin super ready for the makeup application next day.

- Clean your applied lipsticks well: Using that long-lasting lipstick? Wondering about its removal? Use the oily formula for its removal. Use oil-based makeup remover wipes for its removal. Or a cotton pad soaked in liquid or cream can also be of great help.

After you are done with your makeup removal, follow up with any toner, moisturizer or serum. It helps to make your skin look fresh and ready as you wake up the next morning. All your hard work done on the previous night pays off. People with oily skin are advised to clean and wash their face with water on a continuous basis to remove excess oil that builds up easily.

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