Power Modules for the Better Operation of Power Devices

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Power modules are components that help provide a push or physical containment to various power units that are integrated into an electronic or electrical device. However, one of the most common devices where power modules are used, are semiconductors, which are also known as dies. These dies are basically soldered onto the power electronic substrate that carries the power semiconductors, allowing for the supply of electrical and thermal contact, and electrical insulation, wherever necessary. Power modules are designed to have a high power density, which makes them more reliable, durable, and helps electrical or electronic devices operate much more efficiently. 

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Today, as technology is advancing, power modules manufacturers are coming up with advanced modules for different devices that allow for much more effective and convenient operation. The first power module was introduced to the world back in 1975; since then, this unit has helped in the constructive operation of power devices. Other than their extensive application in semiconductor devices, power modules are also used in power conversion components like embedded motor drives, industrial motor drives, AC-DC, and welder power supplies. Power modules can be also found in renewable energy inverters like solar power panels, wind turbines, electric vehicles (EV), and tidal power plants.

Types of Power Modules

Following are the major types of power modules that manufacturers offer –

  • IGBT Power Modules: One of the most common types of power modules used in devices, the IGBT module helps in the conversion of direct current. These are used in industrial applications as well as for wind power generation and can convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) with minimal loss.
  • Thyristor Modules: Thyristor power modules are latch type semiconductors that turn ON when the holding current reaches the desired level and turn OFF whenever there is an alteration in the current. The thyristor power module is mainly used in welding machines, static switches, electric furnaces, and motor controls.
  • SiC-SBD: This is yet another common type of power module. Because of the material characteristics of the SiC, it allows for significant power savings in home appliances like air conditioners or any such devices that require heavy power.

The Different Networks of Power Modules

Power modules are designed with a single power electronic switch like the Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT), Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFET), Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET) or a simple diode. But, along with these, the modules also have several semiconductor units that form a structured electrical circuit when connected. This circuit is known as ‘Network Topology’ or just ‘Topology’ at times. The other electrical components included in the designing of power modules are –

  • NTC thermistors that allow for the monitoring of the module substrate’s temperature.
  • Ceramic capacitors that enable the minimization of switching voltage overshoots.

Some of the most common network topologies of power modules are –

  • The Power Interface Module (PIM), which comes with an input rectifier and inverter. It also has power factor correction stages.
  • Bridge rectifiers. Usually designed with four (1-phase) or six (3-phase) diodes.
  • MOSFET or IGBT switches with an antiparallel diode.
  • Intelligent Power Module (IPM), designed with power stages along with gate drive protection circuits. The IPM can also be incorporated into the rectifier and power factor correction.
  • H-Bridge topology that has four switches and corresponding antiparallel diodes.
  • The half-bridge topology, which is designed with an inverter leg with two switches and corresponding antiparallel diodes.

With power modules in place, the desired power control required for the operation of devices can be achieved efficiently.

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