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by Cameron Amelia Automotive Paint Suppliers Sydney
Despite the fact that the automotive paint industry has seen a lot of remarkable changes in the past couple of decades. The fact remains the same that there has been not too much change in the kind of paints that we were using. Yes, in this domain, we have continued with the traditional types and methods because no new technology or advancements has been able to surpass them. We are still using the age-old car paint Sydney because they offer the most promising performance and outcome. Some of the most popular options have been discussed here in this post.

Lacquer-Based Automobile Paints
  • In terms of car paint Sydney, this one is the most preferred one as a matter of fact that it dries faster than any other version present in the markets.
  • Other than this, you can even rely upon this version for the smoothest finish.
  • Moreover, this paint can be sprayed with utter ease and without too much effort and this fact makes this version the most favourite of those looking for the answer of, "how to paint your car?"
  • Once sprayed using the best air compressors Sydney, this paint will dry faster than any other version to leave a shiny and glossy impact on the vehicle’s body.
  • However, there are some drawbacks too associated with this version and the one is that it is really thin and hence, is not that much UV resistant.
  • However, you will find that this version is coated on the top surfaces and that too, in combination with acrylic urethane and because of this, it can be relied upon as a prolonged layer for protection.

Acrylic Lacquer
  • From 1950s to the late 1980s, no other version was able to surpass the popularity of this version and several features made it the most sought paint in that era.
  • Because of the features and quality, it was also the first choice of luxury brands and vehicle owners like Rolls Royce, Ferrari, etc.
  • To complement the luxury of these brands, this paint was known for leaving a shiny, glossy and everlasting appearance on the car’s body. 
  • One of the top reasons behind the immense popularity of this version is that it catches less dust and dirt and moreover, it dries faster than any other solution.
  • However, the only issue related is that you will have to buff it in order to make sure that the shiny finish continues for a long time.

Enamel Paints
  • The next name in terms of car paint Sydney is enamel paint and the first thing to know about this version is that due to heavier body, these paints are harder for application. 
  • Moreover, this version is also prone to pool and develop a kind of orange peel like impact once it dries and this mainly happens in thicker coats.
  • As compared to lacquer-based paints, this version dries really slowly and also has a heavy body.
  • One more point to know regarding this version is that the paint can receive lint, dust and dust faster than other versions of car paint Sydney.
  • However, with all these imperfections, the fact remains the same that because of the heavy body, you can expect some robust performance from this version.
  • Moreover, you can find this version in a number of colour options including the very popular, metal flake version.

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