Polarized glasses and its effectiveness

by Aini Clive Marketer

When it comes to outdoor activities and adventures, polarized glasses can protect your eyes from glare as well as dust, wind and other harmful stuff. These shades are coated with a chemical layer that saves you from the worst glare conditions and whether it is from road, sand or water.

There are many benefits to owning a pair of these and here are few of them.

Reduce Glare

The biggest and most compelling reason to buy a polarized lens is its ability to reduce glare. Light is reflected in all the directions, so when sun rays fall on a flat surface they disperse in every direction including towards your eye, hence causing glare effect. What polarized glasses do is that they block all the horizontal waves while only allow the vertical light to pass through limiting light to enter only through one direction.

There are different kinds and sizes of polarized lenses, which are available but are different in quality. A 75mm polarized lens is for light use such as jogging, golfing and casual activities, however, a 1.1mm lens is better able to handle extreme glaring conditions. Also, the quality of lens will make the image brighter and sharper and you can easily notice the difference.


Polarized glasses have great application in a variety of sports especially water related. Water causes the worst form of glare which almost makes you blind so athletes who are into water sports always prefer to have a pair of polarized glasses at hand for tackling such situations. Fishermen also benefit as they sometimes have to wait for hours to catch their prey in glary conditions. You are even able to look into the water with a high-quality pair of this eyewear.

Protection for eyes

Just like all other forms of eyewear these glasses also offer protection against dust, wind, sunlight and other harmful elements. Also, your eyes can get a strain due to constantly looking into the glare or the even brighter environment, so it is a best practice to keep a polarized glasses with you at all times.

Better vision

The colors will appear sharper and clearer after wearing these lenses. The details you are able to obtain through these shades are amazing and would leave you mesmerized.

Polarized lenses, however, are not recommended for viewing screens as the will cause color patterns to appear in the vision, which causes distortion.







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