Pokémon: 10 Hidden Secrets about the Red and Blue Games

by John Smith Freelancer

Pokémon has become not only the best selling game series of all time, but it has also emerged as the most profitable brand of marketing with dealing cards and the figures related to action. Pokémon is still the liked role-playing game of the video game industry, beating the craze for all other releases among the gamers. The franchise has completed almost 20 years since its inception, and still, there are several about Pokémon, which remained secret to the world.


These secrets are not surprising but also an interesting one and the fans will remain stunned after knowing these:

1. The appearance of names of Japanese origin

The games were introduced in the year 1996 in Japan with the actual names of Pocket monsters green and red. The names of the characters introduced in Pokémon kept different in the different territories of the world. The players found a lot of differences in the names, and it was due to translation.

2. Several mistakes

Pokémon has several glitches when introduced in the beginning, and there were no fixes available until the release of Pokémon Crystal. Among the several glitches, it had the availability of a personal computer that was invisible and still, the players could access it.

3. Ghost and psychics

The introduction of spirit and psychics made the game more exciting, but it has some glitches also. There were three types of spirits in Pokémon, and also there were psychics who were powerful and could use their enhanced mental abilities, but it had seen that the psychic are weak against the ghosts.

4. MissingNo

MissingNo could be considered as the most popular and famous glitch of the developer of Pokémon, which occurred during the programming of the game due to a bug. The players could quickly encounter MissingNo after following some intricate steps which players had to follow while going into the Safari Zone. Once the players caught the MissingNo, they will become able to get matching items of rare candies and master balls.

5. Gorochu

The introduction of Gorochu also leads to a funny glitch. When you went to Cinnabar Island and tried to sell a Raichu instead of an electrode, the player will find the instructions will come again for trading Raichu, and this was a translation error.

6. Lost endings

Professor Oak has Tauros, Arcanine, Gyarados, which can’t be chosen as the rival or beginner by the player. The professor was killed and was cut into the Pokémon red and blue, yet you can get access to him as a player.

7. Theories of Pokémon

There are vast theories about describing the entertaining glitches in Pokémon. But some of them worthy of being mentioned here, such as the skull on the head of the Cubone, belonged to its mother. Some could think about it as Kangaskhan.

8. The cries of Pokémon

There were 150 Pokémon, and the calls could be heard for only 37, and it was due to the limitations of hardware used in the gaming consoles. The cries were elongated, and also the pitch of these was changed to make them sound different.

9. Censorship

Pokémon had to face a lot of editing since the introduction of the original one. The older man who did not allow anyone to enter into the city of Viridian was featured as an alcoholic in the original version. Some changes were also made, such as the removal of symbols belong to different religions and also removing the girls who were clad scantily.

10. Capsule monsters

The original idea was to name the characters of the game as Capsule monsters, but it was failed as was found impractical by the developing team. There were also a lot of other concepts to introduce in the game, but in the end, in whatever way the game was introduced, it is exceptional and doing well.

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