Points to note before buying amethyst jewelry

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The stone with the pretty violet and purple hues, amethyst is the raw beauty that is mesmerizing and appealing at first glance. They have a glassy luster and beautiful aura that makes this stone everyone's favorite and makes alluring amethyst jewelry. If you are looking to buy this purple beauty with exciting facts, this article is just for you.

In this article, we will take at glance at amethyst, its history and symbolism, and its remarkable healing properties that you need to know before making your purchase.
The stone with pretty hues: Amethyst

Amethyst is a variety of quartz crystals known for its beautiful color and glassy luster; considered the stone for protection, they are remarkable healing stones. They can stimulate the mind's emotions, provoke deep dying desires, and make the person grounded.

It is not some crystal discovered in recent times, but it is a crystal that has its roots since ancient times. They have a rich history and were considered precious stones by the ancient civilizations.

From the deep green forest in Brazil to the icy corners in Siberia, they are the gemstone found around the globe. The word amethyst derives its name from the Greek word ametuhos or amthystos, which means intoxicated. However, this word has a deeper meaning behind it. Due to the grounding essence, the Greeks believed that it can protect them against drunkenness, which is why they bestowed it with the name amethyst. 

To know more about this glowing purple stone, let's dive deeper into the story and its symbolism in different cultures across civilizations.


With the purest inclination towards humankind, amethyst was the cherished gemstone across different centuries. In the renaissance period, monarchs used it for royalty, but they were also used for humility & modesty.

During the war, soldiers wore amethyst jewelry as amulets believing it will ward off the evil and protect them during the hard times. Amethyst was believed to control the negative thoughts and will give mindfulness during the tough times.
In 4000 BC, Egyptians used it to protect against witchcraft and calm their fears and save themselves from guilt.

Amethyst Across the different countries and religions

With the connection to the royal lineage, folklore and spirituality, amethyst had more profound meaning.

In countries at different period

  • Britain- amethyst was used by the bishops as the holy stone, and it was used as the symbol of power, wealth, and prosperity by the royals. They were also used in crowns and as amethyst jewelry.
  • Rome- Romans believed that drinking the wine from the vessel made of amethyst gems will save them from getting drunk.
  • Russia- in Russia, due to the rich color of amethyst, they used to include them in crowns. Even Catherine the great specially mentioned that she wants amethyst to be included in all their jewels.

In religions

  • Christianity- amethyst was linked with Christ and linked amethyst deep purple with the agony of Christ during the classification.
  • Catholicism- the bishops used to wear amethyst rings because the unholy act of being drunk will exculpate them from being punished by the almighty.
  • Buddhism- it has a spiritual meaning and is related to the Buddha. Amethyst Beads in Buddhism were also used for meditation practices. 

Healing by the amethyst 

The stone of protection is also renowned healing stone, listing some of the healing benefits of amethyst and why you should keep it close to your heart.
The favorite stone of all amethyst helps in, 


This is the suitable stone for the person suffering from sleeplessness and unusual thinking patterns that affect the sleep cycle. It soothes the mind and provides it tranquil to keep your worries aside. Wearing amethyst pendants close to your heart will keep track of your heartbeat and will harmonize your body, providing sound sleep.

Boosts immune system

Amethyst is excellent for the mind-body, and soul. They help in cell regeneration and unblock the blockages in the body, which helps accelerate the immune system and detoxifies it with purple hues. Wearing the amethyst bracelet or ring will fade away the stress on the body and provide ease to the body.

Provides sobriety

The person who suffers from drinking and can't leave the habit, amethyst relives the mind, suppresses the urge to drink, and even clears the mind. Wearing amethyst rings aligns the mind and body. It gives direction to the wandering thoughts proving the complete level-headedness, and the luminous thoughts enlighten the entire being.

Hormone production

With the changing lifestyle, hormones have become a big issue for the people out there, especially women. So, wearing jewelry such as amethyst earrings will balance the endocrine system providing the purple glitter to calm the storms and balance out the hormones. 

Final thoughts 

Every stone is pretty in its own way, and amethyst is one such stone. If you want to buy these stones, they are beautiful choices that need to be added to every jewelry enthusiast. They are the distinctive beauty that has excellent aspects and brings fullness to one's life. 

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