Plasma cutting equipment with features superior in every facet of welding

by Longevity Inc Industrial Mechanical

Welding can be defined as a process of permanently joining two metals by applying heat and pressure. Metals are one of the sturdiest and strongest metals and working with them can be really exciting. Welding is different from other metal joining techniques like brazing and soldering. Unlike these techniques, it melts the base metal as welding is a high heat process. A filler material is also added in addition to welding the base metal. A weld pool of molten materials cools to form a joint which is usually stronger than the base material. In welding process, a shielding gas can also be used to protect the weld from air borne contaminants.      

Plasma cutting

One of the most popular and demanded welding is plasma cutting. Plasma cutting is an extensively used technique to cut metals using the properties of plasma. A plasma cutter glides through the metals like a hot knife through butter. For making a plasma cutter work, plasma has to be created. Plasma is the fourth state of matter and two things are required to create it, a heat source and gas. It is a super-heated substance up to 15,000 degrees Celsius that is a gas and a liquid at the same time. Plasma cutters cut the metals using plasma torch and make use of electricity and an inert gas. This welding technique is almost similar to TIG welding. In plasma arc welding, the tungsten electrode is recessed inside the nozzle and the heat is produced by ionizing the gasses flowing around the arc. It is applied in welding situations where high precision is needed. This welding process is extensively used in aerospace applications.

The main application areas of plasma cutting are mentioned below:

Plasma cutting is widely used in the aircraft industry for preparing metal components. It is used both in military aircraft industry as well as the commercial aircraft industry. Plasma cutting is also commonly used in automobile industry and can effectively perform the functions such as cutting, crafting and welding different components. Locksmith industry too finds plasma cutting tools very useful and effective in emergency situations such as in lockout situations for cutting locks. The use of plasma cutters is inevitable in the construction industry. These cutters are used to deal with a large number of metal cutting activities. Plasma cutting tools are also used in the artistic work. These tools are used by artists who work with different metals to create a variety of shapes.

Looking to buy Plasma Cutting Equipment? Consider buying from a reputed manufacturer and supplier in the industry like Longevity-inc. Their plasma cutter machines are powerful, portable, and reliable. Longevity plasma cutters have been put to the test against some of the bigger premium priced brands and with independent testing results have shown to be superior in every facet including plasma cutter consumables life, cutting capacity, cutting speed, and pricing. Their plasma cutters range from 40 amps to 100 amps and provide a pilot arc function to cut expanded metals as well as enabling the user to have an easy arc strike.

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