Plasma cutter torches help gain a precise way of cutting varied metals

by Longevity Inc Industrial Mechanical

Undoubtedly, one of the best tools for cutting the metals is a plasma cutter. It can majorly cut all types of metals. These cutters are effective and are convenient to use and all thanks to the advanced technology being used in them. They allow cutting the metals with utmost precision almost like a laser precision.

Plasma cutter torches work very differently than traditional welding torches. Unlike other conventional methods, it uses a jet of inert gases such as compressed air and then applies a very high voltage current. The electric current generates an arc through the jet of air and ionizes the gas. This ionized gas after reaching a very high temperature becomes a substance known as plasma. This plasma generated is a highly charged and hot temperature jet. This melts the metal even at a single point of contact. It easily cuts the part that is needed to be cut without impacting the surrounding areas of the metal. This property of the plasma cutter makes it a more accurate and precise way of cutting metals.

Some of the benefits of using a plasma cutter:

  • Plasma cutter works using an inert gas implying that welding professionals do not have to worry about storing harmful, volatile and explosive gases.
  • Plasma cutters are suitable for both small and big welding jobs. From cutting a replacement panel to making a bodywork patch plasma cutters can be utilized.
  • These cutters use a much more focused flame which means you can get a more precise cut and that too with a lower power.
  • The cuts produced by plasma cutter are neater and aesthetically appealing as well.  

A basic compressor driven plasma cutter comes with a torch having two settings. The pilot arc of the plasma is ideal for burning off paint on the other hand, when you turn on the power, it can cut the metal sheets at a high rate. If your work require advanced cutting, you can buy a more powerful and flexible tool. Like any other tool, it is important to choose a plasma cutter that fits best with your professional needs and budget.

Looking to buy high quality and durable Plasma Cutter Torches? Consider buying from a reputed manufacturer and supplier in the industry like Longevity-inc. Their plasma cutter machines are powerful, portable, and reliable. Longevity plasma cutters have been put to the test against some of the bigger premium priced brands and with independent testing results have shown to be superior in every facet including plasma cutter consumables life, cutting capacity, cutting speed, and pricing. Their plasma cutters range from 40 amps to 100 amps and provide a pilot arc function to cut expanded metals as well as enabling the user to have an easy arc strike.

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